What to Do After Beating High on Life

What can you do when you finally beat this game? Find out here!

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Squanch Games, Inc.

Gamers that have pushed through to the ending credits of High on Life may be wondering… what next? After the game comes to its full conclusion, players are just kind of thrown back into the world without much to do. Sure, there may be hints of side quests and other things of the sort, but players will find that these are there more for show than anything else.

So, what can players do after they have finally finished the game? Using the power of imagination and creativity, there is actually a fair bit left to do once the game has come to a close. Let’s dive back into the Bounty-5000 and tie up some loose ends before High on Life 2 comes out.

What Post-Game Content Is There In High on Life?

While there is no particular post-game content available for the game, players can find a fair number of things to do, so let’s find out some of the best options available.

Buy and Play With Warp Discs

As players eliminate foes, they’ll be able to claim Warp Crystals from their bases. Players will want to stock up on these, as they’ll be able to purchase different Warp Discs from Blorto’s Cafe in Blim City. Players will be able to use these Discs to transport themselves to a plethora of different locations in the game, and maybe even a few little surprises are in store for players.

Search For Luglox Throughout The Levels

Players looking to get plenty of Pesos quickly will need to utilize Knifey to his full extent and slash open every Luglox in the world around them. Since players can revisit planets that they have already cleared, they’ll also be able to take the time and search for these little boxes full of goodies. There are also trading cards and weapon mods hiding inside of them, so players will want to find them all.

Work On Getting All Achievements

There are quite a fair number of achievements available in this title, with some being much more extreme than others. Working through the full achievement list will allow players to find every nook and cranny, alongside a few other surprises that they may not expect. Just make sure if you’re carrying Stan’s special item, that you wash your hands when you’ve finally completed the game.

Complete The True Ending Quest

Players may not know it, but the game doesn’t fully end here. There is a Secret Ending that pushes the boundaries of what a sequel could offer and even gives you the achievement of “Sequel Bait”. Follow the link above to find out how to achieve this true ending, and what see what the secrets of Blim City have to offer players, if they dare.

While players may need to wait for some DLC or a few updates to the game to provide more Post-Game content, there is still a fair bit to get done. Exploring the worlds and talking to NPCs that players may have missed the first time around could also offer a bit of an incentive to get back into the world, especially with all of the talent that this game holds inside.

High on Life is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 26th, 2022

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