Is There Going to Be a High on Life 2?

Find out if there is more High on Life on the way!

by Shaun Cichacki

High on Life is finally here, and players around the globe seem to love this space-themed adventure. Currently, it is sitting high on the charts for Game Pass, and it looks like a success for Squanch Games. With the quick rambling chatter that fans of Justin Roiland have grown to love, the hope for a sequel is high.

However, with a rather abrupt ending, players may be wondering if there is something that they’re missing. Well, there is, and it’s a secret ending that seems to help set the game up for quite an exciting sequel if things are to go as planned. Here’s how to access the secret ending and achieve the Sequel Bait achievement on your platform of choice!

How To Get the Secret Ending in High on Life


Once players have completed the main portion of the game, let the credits roll. Once they are done, listen to what Gene has to say, and access the Bounty-5000 that is still in the living room of the house. Exit out of the Bounty screen and head towards the Planet Selection option, and find Nova Sanctus.

Select Clugg’s Office and head into the portal. Once inside of the office, players will notice that it’s sealed off, and nobody is inside. Kenny reaffirms this fact, and players are free to explore the small office but may notice an item on Clugg’s Desk.


Grab this keycard, and head back through the portal to get back home. This keycard will unlock a new location that hasn’t been visited yet: Human Haven. As players made their way through the game, the option to save caged humans was available. Any humans that you saved should appear in this room.


Head back home and access the Bounty-5000 once more, and go back to the Planet Selection screen. Head down to Unknown Sector and select Human Haven. You can access this area at any time, but players will need the Keycard from Clugg’s office to unlock a door that leads to the final portions of this game.

No matter if the player decides to talk to the humans in this room or not, they’ll need to partake in a bit of platforming to make their way to the top of this room. Utilize the Jetpack that was earned on the journey to get as high as possible, and search for a door with a No Trespassing Sign on it.


Once players have found this door, they’ll be able to use the Keycard and enter. This will trigger the Sequel Bait achievement, but the job isn’t done yet. Players will find some new information that could change the outlook of everything they’ve done so far, but they’ll need to utilize one of the Gatlians and their special powers first.


Equip Sweezy and use the Slow Time alternate shot to bring the spinning fan at the end of the room to a halt, and head through. There is one more fan at the bottom of this pipe, so aim down and stop that one as well to avoid damage. Fall through and head down through the hallway and watch the drama unfold in front of your eyes.

It seems that the intention for a sequel is there, and players seem to be ready to get back into the action at the drop of a hat. While the game is still quite fresh, there is a chance that rather than a sequel, gamers could see some form of DLC or Update that pushes through more story content. Players will just need to wait and see what Squanch Games has cooking and if there is a true sequel in the works.

While you wait, take a seat next to Gene and give a few terrible movies a watch, or pop into a makeshift theater with a Warp Disc and take in a few flicks just for fun.

High on Life is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 20th, 2022