All MLB The Show 23 New Features

When a baseball player bakes, they say, “Hey, batta batta batta.”

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Are you wondering what all MLB The Show 23 new features and changes implemented are so you can decide if you want to purchase the newest installment? The good thing about our favorite sports games being released yearly is that developers can fix issues and add additional features based on community feedback. However, this means you must spend money on it every year, which may not be feasible, or in some cases, worth it to sports fans. In this case, we will have a mixture of new features, content, and changes to existing functions in MLB The Show 23 that will keep the franchise fresh.

MLB The Show 23 New Features Breakdown

Here are the most significant new features and changes implemented in MLB The Show 23.


The most significant attribute change to MLB The Show 23 is having the Clutch attribute replace the Contact attribute when runners are in scoring position. In Addition, Batter Clutch and Pitch Clutch will replace the Contact and Pitcher’s Hits Per 9 Innings (H/9) attributes when runners are in scoring position.

Swing Feedback

Swing feedback has been improved in MLB The Show 23 and should provide you with more accurate results about your swing and make it easier to read from left to right, top to bottom.

In Game D-Pad Functionality

The existing D-Pad functionally now includes the ability to access things STATCAST metrics and Pitcher and Batter matchups. The existing functions, like bringing in a bullpen pitcher, remain the same.

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Passive Quirks will be removed in MLB The Show 23, and the game will focus solely on Active Quirks. You will still receive an in-game display when an active quirk impacts your gameplay.


Over 5,000 animations have been added to MLB The Show 23. This amps the realism to the next level while creating a seamless gameplay experience. Some new animations include dives, rob the foul ball, and hot shot variety at the corners.

New Ballparks

The following ballparks have been added to MLB The Show 23:

  • Bush Stadium (1922-39)
  • Forbes Field (1922-39)
  • Hilldale Park (1929-32)
  • Muehlebach Field (1923-48)
  • South Side Park (1929-32)

New Legends

The following Legends will be added to MLB The Show 23:

  • Buck O’Neil
  • Hank Thompson
  • Hilton Smith
  • Jackie Robinson
  • John Donaldson
  • Martin Dihigo
  • Rube Foster
  • Satchel Paige

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Online Co-Op

You can now change the rotational patterns before loading into the game instead of being locked into rotating roles per inning or at-bat with the previous installment. There are also rumors that Ranked Co-Op will be added in MLB The Show 23, and we will confirm this once able.

Updated Rules

MLB The Show 23 will have updated rules like those that affect defensive shifts and timers on pitchers. We can also expect additional rules to be added or existing rules to be changed based on real-life strategy and changes made throughout this year’s MLB season.

The Negro National League

The most prominent feature in MLB The Show 23 is the addition of the Negro Nation League. You will now play in iconic moments using iconic players from the Negro National League to experience key moments in baseball history.

- This article was updated on March 21st, 2023

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