All Modes and Maps in Party Animals

Learn about all the ways you can play Party Animals!

by Marc Magrini
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Party Animals features many ways for players to battle each other. On top of numerous weapons and moves, the game also includes a wide variety of maps and game modes. Each mode has its own set of areas to fight on, with some requiring more unique strategies than others. Knowing about all modes and their respective maps in Party Animals can give some players an edge on the competition.

All Modes and Their Respective Maps in Party Animals

There are three main game modes in Party Animals. Last Stand is where up to team of players compete to knock each other out of an arena, though the number (and outright existence) of teams can be changed in custom games. Team Score is the most unique mode of the three, with each map providing its own requirements for a successful win — usually with teamwork involved. Arcade is a four-on-four deathmatch mode, though interestingly, it only has two maps available.

These are all the maps available in Party Animals:

  • Last Stand Maps — Ichiban, Typhoon, Broken Arrow, Winter Is Coming, Wind Tunnel, Blackhole Lab, Beat-Up Bridge, Gator Valley, Ice Breaker
  • Team Score Maps — Lollipop Factory, Fluffy Redemption, Into The Game, Safely Afloat, Trebuchet, Buzz Ball, Beast Hockey, Beast Football, Beast Soccer
  • Arcade Maps — Winter Cabin, Final Destination

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Each map will throw in its own unique stage hazards or layouts into the mix. For example, Beat-Up Bridge takes place on a bridge that can tilt and break, and Broken Arrow forces players to fight on a plane high in the sky. Team Score maps will have unique conditions, like how Fluffy Redemption makes players place coal into a train furnace. The two arcade maps are similar to these, with fairly out-of-the-way hazards and the simple goal of survival.

The developers have previously stated their intentions to add more maps to Party Animals as time goes on. It’s unknown if this will include new game modes as well, so players will simply have to wait and see. In the meantime, learn all 20 maps and master their unique gimmicks to become a Party Animals master!

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