How to Survive Broken Arrow (Plane Map) in Party Animals

Take to the skies on the Broken Arrow in Party Animals!

by Marc Magrini
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Surviving in Party Animals is a big request for anyone to fulfill. This is especially the case on some of the game’s more hazardous maps, where enemies might not even be the biggest problem to worry about. The Broken Arrow is one such arena, taking place on a precarious plane soaring through the sky. To survive the Broken Arrow plane map in Party Animals, players need to be extra-careful with where they’re positioned.

Tips to Survive the Broken Arrow Plane Map in Party Animals

Broken Arrow is a Last Stand arena, meaning you’ll be eliminated the moment you fall off. Staying on is easier said than done, as the plane will occasionally tilt during the fight. Even if you compensate for these movements, the wind can easily assist in blowing you off, leading to an embarrassing defeat. Only by staying away from the plane’s edges can you hope to avoid falling off accidentally.

When a round on Broken Arrow has a full party, things can quickly get cluttered. Some players will find it hard to keep themselves from getting knocked out while others might simply move too far in a direction and fall off on their own. Avoid using flashy moves or moving around too much to prevent this from happening to you. If you manage to get your hands on weapons, make full use of them from safe spots so you aren’t flung from the plane by its motions.

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Your greatest enemy when fighting on this map can end up being yourself at times. Play it safe and take advantage of the plane’s odd geometry to trick your foes into falling off. With any luck, you’ll win without much issue, allowing you to reap the rewards whenever this map comes into play!

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