How to Save Ending Podium Photos in Party Animals

Commemorate your victory (or defeat) in Party Animals!

by Marc Magrini
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Party Animals is chock-full of chaotic encounters for players to survive. It also provides a few rewards for those daring enough to make it to the end. Victories in this game can range from narrow to overwhelming, and it’s likely that some players will want to recall their most memorable rounds. That’s why players should know how to save the ending podium photos in Party Animals — as well as where those saved photos will be.

How to Save Photos of the Podium at a Round’s Ending in Party Animals

The podium photo is taken by the game automatically after a short delay between a round’s end and the menu screen. There will be a fairly noticeable download button on the photo after it’s taken. Clicking the download button on the photo will save it to your desktop. This saved image will have the time and date of when the photo was taken, allowing you to keep track of when it was made.

These podium photos can be downloaded no matter who won the round. Whether you managed to win or lose, you can take any photo you like after winning a game. However, there isn’t currently an option to save the photo anywhere else on your PC. If your desktop happens to be cluttered or if your drive is full, you’ll simply have to make some space periodically for your saved images.

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These photos can also be taken during custom games, so you aren’t restricted to the ones you find when playing online with others. Since you can move around during your time on the podium, you can take the opportunity to make some truly unique images. Of course, you can also simply take your own screenshot before the game does, letting you get perfect timing for a pose you couldn’t make otherwise. Just be aware that this method will still have some UI elements, making the game’s own photos into the cleanest way to show off your win.

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