All MW3 Beta Rewards and How to Get Them

Check out all the rewards you can unlock for playing the MW3 beta!

by Christian Bognar
All Modern Warfare 3 Beta Rewards and How to Get Them
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The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 beta runs for only two weekends, so fans looking to participate in everything it offers better hurry. Like most Call of Duty beta sessions, players can look forward to various rewards. This guide will cover all MW3 beta rewards and how to unlock them all.

All Modern Warfare 3 Beta Rewards and How to Claim Them

Outside of unlocking killstreaks, perks, loadouts, etc., during the leveling-up process, players can also unlock rewards exclusive to the MW3 beta. Below we have compiled a list of all six MW3 beta rewards and the corresponding level for when the player unlocks it.

  • Level 7: Operation Beta (Weapon Charm).
  • Level 9: Beta Tester (Calling Card).
  • Level 11: MWIII Beta (Weapon Sticker).
  • Level 16: Did the Beta (Large Decal).
  • Level 20: Beta Ripper (SMG blueprint for Striker).
  • Level 30: Tester (Skin for Jabber).

When progressing through the levels and unlocking the beta rewards, players will notice that all of them have a red and black color tone. This is fitting, considering Modern Warfare 3 has been advertised with the red and black colors.

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Keep in mind that the level cap for the first weekend of the beta is 20, but it will increase to 30 on the following weekend. This means that players won’t be able to unlock the Tester skin for Jabber until the second weekend of the beta comes around.

For those wondering whether the rewards will carry over into the full game, you can rest assured that they indeed will. Remember, players who miss the beta won’t be able to claim the rewards in the future, so make sure to get in there and claim them!

If you want to learn about additional unlocks as you level up, such as killstreaks, perks, etc, feel free to check out our max level guide for the first weekend of the beta.

- This article was updated on October 7th, 2023

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