All Mystic Carrion Body Part Locations in Baldur’s Gate 3

by Davi Braid
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If you empathize with Thrumbro’s story in BG3 and decide to take care of the Mystic Carrion, you’ll need to find all jars that contain his organs.

The Mystic Carrion is a powerful, ancient undead, and your decisions about him will significantly impact many NPCs in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you decide to fight him, you better find all the jars that contain his body parts and destroy them, making him weaker as a consequence.

Where to Find All the Mystic Carrion’s Body Parts in BG3

  • Lungs: In the Mortuary’s Cellar. (X 29; Y 18)
  • Brain: In the Ancient Lair in the Undercity Ruins. (X 1389; Y 69)
  • Liver: Next to the Brain, in the same Ancient Lair. (X 1389; Y 69)
  • Heart: Inside Thrumbo, the Carrion’s Servant, in the Lower City. (X 57; Y -117)
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Mystic Carrion’s lungs are located in a cellar within the city’s graveyard. This place has many weird things happening. Feel free to explore if you want, but to get the lungs, you must find a cellar in the Mortuary. There, there’s a table with many plants, and that’s where you’ll find the jar.

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The jar containing the Mystic Carrion’s brain is in a sarcophagus in the Ancient Lair. This one’s a bit trickier. First, you need to go to the Undercity Ruins waypoint in the sewers. From there, head west to find the Passageway where you will find an entrance to the Ancient Lair. The door that leads to the brain’s location is locked. You can lockpick it, but it won’t be easy, so make sure to use a character who is trained in Slight of Hand and has a high Dexterity score. Once you’ve dealt with them, you’ll find the jar on the sarcophagus. Alternatively, if you have a wizard in your party, you can use the level 2 spell “Knock,” since it opens anything that is locked without a d20 roll.

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The Mystic Carrion’s liver is located right next to the brain, inside a locked gilded chest. In the same Ancient Lair, you’ll find a gilded chest. You’ll need to find a way to open the locked chest to get the jar. You can try the same methods used to lockpick the door

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You’ll find the Mystic Carrion’s heart inside Thrumbo, his Servant. Thrumbo is in the Lower City. He is hiding within a wardrobe in a beach house. If you talk to him after starting the quest, he will throw up the heart in front of you. You can then pick it up and destroy it.

Remember, if you want to defeat the Mystic Carrion, destroy all the jars you’ve found. Once you get rid of his lungs, liver, heart, and brain, the Mystic Carrion will be significantly weakened, providing you with a much greater chance to win the fight.

- This article was updated on November 7th, 2023

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