All New Reality Augments in Fortnite update v25.10

This guide will cover all Reality Augments in Fortnite update 25.10.

by Christian Bognar
Fortnite Reality Augments for Update 25.10
Image: Epic Games

Fortnite update 25.10 is here, with additional items and Reality Augments. Reality Augments are a great way to add a short-term buff to your character — helping you survive longer in the Battle Royale Mode. There are two new Augments in the latest Fortnite update, one focusing on health and shield while the other aims to increase ammo capacity. This guide will cover everything you need regarding the new Reality Augments in Fortnite update v25.10.

Fortnite Update 25.10 Reality Augments

The Fortnite update v25.10 includes two new Reality Augments: Mud Warrior and SMG Extended Mag. The Mud Warrior will regenerate health and shield while the player is covered in mud — making it the perfect Augment to use in the muddy sections of the game. Next, the SMG Extended Mag does precisely what the name implies and offers an increased magazine size for the SMG in your inventory!

Besides the two new Reality Augments, Fortnite update v25.10 also unvaulted a previous Augment — Tracker’s Armory. Tracker’s Armory was one of the best and a fan favorite, allowing the player to get a Flare Gun once activated instantly. This unvaulted Augment is immediately unlocked once players complete the game update.

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These three Reality Augments all have their perks, and if you are banking on getting them — know that it is possible to reroll Augments and increase your chances. There were plenty of times when I wanted a specific Reality Augment but didn’t get it on my first try. So, I rerolled by spending Gold Bars and eventually rolled the one I had in mind!

All you need to do is head into the Augment section of the game and hold the “reroll” button at the bottom of this section. The rerolls are randomized, so be patient, and eventually, you should get your hands on one of the new or recently unvalued Reality Augments.

- This article was updated on June 20th, 2023

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