What are Worthy Items in Fortnite? — How to Open Secret Vaults

Solve the secrets of the hidden vaults to uncover treasure in Fortnite Chapter Four Season Three.

by Thomas Cunliffe
A Fortnite screenshot of an ancient temple in a jungle, surrounded by fog
Image: Epic Games

If you’ve been exploring the jungle in Fortnite Chapter Four Season Three, you’ll have likely come across locked vaults in temples that require a “worthy item” to enter. In this guide, we explain how to find and unlock hidden vaults in Fortnite, what a worthy item is, and what treasures you can expect to uncover.

How to Unlock Hidden Vaults in Fortnite

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Give me a worthy item to pass,” demands the ancient door, which can somehow talk. (This is Fortnite; don’t ask questions.) To enter these hidden vaults, you must give the door an item with a quality that matches the color of its glow. For example, a door that glows purple requires an item of Epic quality or higher.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Hold the item and talk to the door to hand it over and gain access to the vault. You will completely lose this item, so make sure not to sacrifice weapons you need to complete Quests, like the new FlapJack Rifle. Depending on which vault you’ve opened, you’ll either enter a room full of treasure or face another door blocking you from your sweet reward.

Find Flames Solution

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…Find…flames,” the next door utters after you donated the best weapon you’ve found all week to the first. The vault located in the temple near Creeky Compound requires you to complete a puzzle involving extinguishable flames before you can enter the vault and reap its rewards

  • Temple-Brazier-Fortnite
  • Flame-Puzzle-Fortnite

At the bottom of the temple is a room with four braziers. In the smaller ruins, these braziers are instead scattered around the temple. Take note of which braziers have an extinguished flame and extinguish them in the same order in the room containing the vault door.

In my first attempt opening the vault, only the left brazier was extinguished on the right side of the wall. I returned to the vault entrance, extinguished the brazier in the same position, and finally opened the door.

Seek Statue Solution

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Seek…Statue” is the final door’s ultimate request. Sure thing, buddy. Choose the statue that matches the color of the one outside the temple. Choosing the wrong statue will Rift you above the ruins, but you can land straight back down and choose the correct statue this time. As someone with the memory span of a goldfish, this method worked best for me.

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Fortnite Hidden Vault locations

Image: Epic Games / Attack of the Fanboy

In our time playing Fortnite C4 S3, we’ve found three hidden vaults marked on the map above. The first is located in Rumble Ruins, at the bottom of the temple on the Western side. This one only has one door and a smaller treasure room.

The second is North of Creeky Compound, in a temple close to the bottom of a waterfall. This one has two doors, with the second requiring you to complete the flame puzzle to enter.

The third is located in the Ruins in the South-Eastern part of the jungle. This one has three total doors, but more loot in between the second and final door.

What Loot Do Hidden Vaults Contain?

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Fortnite’s hidden vaults contain a handful of regular and Rare Chests, ammo boxes, and floor loot. The reward is usually well worth the sacrifice of rare loot, and you might even open a chest to find the same item you lost. What goes around comes around, or something to that effect.

This guide was written while playing Fortnite Chapter Three Season Four on Xbox Series X.

- This article was updated on June 9th, 2023

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