Best Sweaty Skins in Fortnite | Sweatiest Fortnite Skins

Find out which skins to avoid if you want to not be labeled as a Sweat in Fortnite!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re big into the world of Fortnite, you may have noticed that certain skins seem to try just a little too hard to appear cool, even if the actual skin itself is quite rad. Some skins will unfortunately always carry a stigma of being Sweaty, meaning that you were trying so hard to look cool that you’re sweating in real life while playing the game.

Let’s see which skins have been permanently branded with this stigma, and you can be the true judge on if they are way too sweaty, or if they are better than expected. Here are the 10 Sweatiest Skins in Fortnite!

Top 10 Sweatiest Skins in Fortnite

10. Spiderman


When players see someone with a Spider-Man skin in Fortnite, they know that they are up against one of the easiest players that they’ve ever encountered or someone that is about to build an entire city in front of them in the blink of an eye. While the designs that were picked are classic, the way that players who don this skin act most of the time make us wonder how they get the suit off when they get home, since it’s usually stuck to their skin with so much sweat.

9. Naruto


Another exciting skins selection makes its way into the game, almost instantly ruined by gamers that are trying way too hard to be like their favorite Ninja from the Naruto series. Normally, if you see a whole squad decked out in the Naruto Skins, you know that you’re in for lots of leaping, shooting, and dashing around, but more often than not, you’ll have an easier time taking the squad down than you’d expect.

8. Aura


While this used to be much more common earlier, there are still quite a few sweaty players that are using the Aura skin. While it’s a fairly standard skin, for the most part, the lack of extras on her body makes it so you’re able to see much more around you, giving you more field of view than ever before, and players utilize that to their full potential when playing with the Aura skin. Be prepared for a good fight if you come across one of these skins in the game.

7. Renegade Raider


While the Renegade Raider doesn’t scare the same stigma that it used to, be prepared to face off against a Fortnite veteran if you come across one of these in game. One of the rarer skins in the game, it’s been quite a while since Renegade Raider has been in the shop, so if you happen to find one in your game, you’re going up against someone with quite a bit of experience in the game, and they won’t be afraid to show you their skills quickly and efficiently.

6. The Reaper (OG John Wick)


If you’ve been around long enough to remember The Reaper, you’ll remember the instant comparisons that it drew to John Wick, and for that reason, it became one of the most popular skins to dunk on. While the actual John Wick may officially be in the game now, players that earned The Reaper are strong enough to hunt you down and quickly dispose of you, so beware if you see one of these knockoff Wicks hanging out in your game.

5. Sparkplug


Fortnite pros instantly fell in love with Sparkplug when she was first announced, and for good reason. The color of her complexion, as well as her outfit in general, made her a perfect character to indulge in box fights right off of the bat, so you’ll need to be careful where you’re walking if you happen to spot a Sparkplug in your lobby. Make sure that you’re checking every corner, and every tan area to see if she’s hiding around the bend.

4. Dummy


While being one of the easier skins to spot, thanks to its bright yellow design, the Dummy skin has one key advantage over some of the other skins that are on this list. The fact that its midsection is so small means that the hitbox radius of this character is harder to hit, so even if it’s just a small feature that this skin has going for it, players are going to use that to their advantage. Make sure to aim for the head, and not the torso if you come across Dummy in your lobby.

3. Soccer (Original)


Being able to support your favorite sport inside of your favorite video game is actually kind of cool, but when you’ve got your whole squad decked out in soccer gear, with matching numbers and colors, that feels a little sweaty. While you’re spending time running on the field, you’re going to feel the real sweat when you get ambushed by players using the same skin and number combination, so you don’t know who you’ve been focusing your fire on.

2. The Chaos Agent


One of the main reasons that this skin is considered Sweaty as it falls into the same category as the Dummy above. The Chaos Agent is incredibly thin and nimble, allowing players to avoid a few extra shots to the waist, while also being almost fully black, making this one hard to spot in darker areas. Its initial price and rarity have made this one of the sweatiest skins to get in Fortnite, so be careful if you come across one of these skins in your game.

1. Boundless


This is one of the worst offenders on the list, actually leading to this particular skin being banned from competitive play. When this skin first was released, players were able to give skin a completely uniform color scheme, so instantly, players began making fully whited out or blacked out skins that made it near impossible to see in specific areas of the map. Thankfully, you can no longer do this, but if you happen to have this skin saved, you would have been able to save your favorite layout, leading to some players still using this in matches.

And there we have it, the Sweatiest Fortnite skins for 2022! If you’re loving Fortnite, make sure that you’re checking out the Fortnite Guide Section on our site, where we help you with weekly quests, ways to get your hands on new skins, and opportunities for you to get even better at the game. You’ll even be able to pinpoint when you started playing the game with our list on the full Fortnite timeline!



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