All Paleo Pines Dreamstone Locations

Add more dinos to your ranch with Dreamstones!

by Diego Perez
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A Dreamstone is the key to expanding your ranch and growing your roster of dinosaurs in Paleo Pines, but they can be super hard to find if you don’t know where to look. While it’s understandable that the developers don’t want you to have 100 Stegosauruses within the first few hours of the game, there are so many cute dinosaur friends to meet in Paleo Pines that you’re definitely going to want to give them all a new home on your ranch.

Whether you’re looking for Small or Large Dreamstones, this guide has your back with all Dreamstone locations in Paleo Pines across all three major regions. There are only 45 Dreamstones in the whole game, so you’ll want to use them sparingly. Thankfully, there are a ton of them to find even in the starting area of Veridian Valley, so keep reading to learn where to find every Dreamstone in Paleo Pines.

Large Dreamstones are marked with an L, and Small Dreamstones are marked with an S on the maps below.

Veridian Valley Dreamstone Locations

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The game’s opening area, Veridian Valley, has several Large Dreamstones and Small Dreamstones to collect. In total, there are 11 Large Dreamstones and 7 Small Dreamstones in Veridian Valley. The Large ones can provide a home to the Gallimimus, Styracosaurus, or other big species that call the verdant fields home, and there are multiple tiny dinos that can make use of the Small Dreamstones throughout the region.

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You won’t be able to grab the Large Dreamstones in the southeast right from the get-go, however. Some fallen boulders block the entrance to the desert area, and you’ll need to recruit a dinosaur with the Smasher ability to break those rocks and gain access. There are also some fallen rocks outside the entrance hiding the other Large Dreamstone. Doing so is part of a main quest to reach Dapplewood, but don’t forget to come and break these rocks too after unlocking the ability to do so. You can also find some rare dinos behind those rocks, like the elusive Ankylosaurus.

Dapplewood Dreamstone Locations

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Dapplewood is the second major region in Paleo Pines, and you’ll really start growing your dinosaur collection at this stage of the game. Dapplewood is home to a large collection of Large Dreamstones that are super easy to find, letting you tame multiple dinosaurs and add them to your ranch. There are 6 Large Dreamstones in total in Dapplewood accompanied by 5 Small Dreamstones hidden in different parts of the forest.

Dapplewood is home to huge dinosaurs like the Megalosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus Rex, so make sure you grab as many Large Dreamstones as you can if you want to tame them. Once you’ve unlocked more dinosaur helper abilities — like Smasher, Stomper, or Slasher — navigating this lush forest will be a breeze. You should already have a Smasher dinosaur at this point in the game, and most of the dinosaurs that you’ve encountered in the wild have useful navigation abilities that will help you reach hidden areas of Dapplewood as well.

Ariacotta Canyon Dreamstone Locations

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Ariacotta Canyon is the final region of Paleo Pines, but there aren’t many Dreamstones to collect here. The sandy desert of Ariacotta Canyon is home to 6 Large Dreamstones and 2 Small Dreamstones. This area offers the least number of Dreamstones with a few more in Dapplewood and many more in Veridian Valley, both Small and Large, to add to your collection.

Still, you’ve likely amassed quite a roster of dinosaurs by this point in the game, so the Dreamstones in Ariacotta Canyon should be treated like bonuses that let you squeeze one or two more prehistoric pals onto your ranch. This region is home to some of the game’s coolest dinos — like the Velociraptor — so additional Dreamstones are absolutely appreciated.

Increase Friendship Levels

Some of the residents in Paleo Pines will offer you Dreamstones as a thank you for increasing your friendship levels and completing tasks. There are eight of these total. You’ll want to focus your efforts on:

  • Mari – 2 Large Dreamstones
  • Owen – 3 Small Dreamstones, 1 Large Dreamstone
  • Avery – 1 Small Dreamstone
  • Zara – 1 Large Dreamstone

Converting Dreamstones


For those who have used all the dreamstones but found new dinosaurs you want to add to your ranch, you have a tough decision to make. Unfortunately, there are only so many dreamstones in the game, but you can convert your dreamstones to a different biome if you decide to say goodbye to one dinosaur in exchange for another with a different biome preference! All you have to do is take your dreamstone to Marlo and in his custom order menu, in exchange for 250 shells, he will revert it back to a normal dreamstone so you can give it the proper biome. This will allow you to make your new dino feel right at home where they’re used to residing. But it does mean saying goodbye to someone else.

- This article was updated on November 6th, 2023

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