All Secret Exits in World 1 of Super Mario Bros Wonder

by Drew Kopp
Image: Nintendo

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a colorful love letter to the mustachioed plumber’s earliest side-scrolling adventures, and one of the many ways the game pays tribute to its predecessors is by peppering secret exits into many of its levels. Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s first world, Pipe-Rock Plateau, is home to a few hidden exits, and finding them will make the later stages of your adventure through the Flower Kingdom much easier. Here are all the secret exits in World 1 of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Every Secret Exit in Pipe-Rock Plateau in Super Mario Bros Wonder

As of writing, we’ve found three hidden exits in the first world of Super Mario Bros Wonder. Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s secret exits work like those featured in older Mario games like Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros DS. Finding secret exits allows you to find an extra Wonder Seed, which you will need to get past the Wonder Pirahna Plants that prevent you from accessing specific routes and levels.

Here is a list of every level with a secret exit in Pip-Rock Plaza and a walkthrough on how to get to them.

  • Secret Exit 1: Piranha Plants on Parade
  • Secret Exit 2: Bulrush Coming Through!
  • Secret Exit 3: Bulrush Express

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Secret Exist 1: Piranha Plants on Parade

Image: Nintendo

The first hidden exit in Pipe-Rock Plateau can be found in Piranha Plants on Parade. To get to it, progress through the level like you normally would until you get to the end of the Piranha Plant musical number. Here, you’ll see an overhanging rock with three Warp Pipes sticking out. Head to the right and run along the row of musical blocks to get the momentum you need to jump on top of the rock. From there, head left until you reach a red Warp Pipe, then head right until you get to the secret exit.

Secret Exit 2: Bulrush Coming Through!

Image: Nintendo

The second secret exit in Pipe-Rock Plaza is located in Bulrush Coming Through! You’ll run into a quarter of floating blocks with a Wodner Flower hidden inside at the level’s midpoint, which you can break by luring a Bulrush into charging into them. Once you’ve got the Wonder Flower, you’ll want to immediately jump on top for the stampede of Bulrushs heading your way. Ride it past the flagpole and jump off once you reach the line of cloud platforms, allowing you to collect both of the level’s Wonder Seeds.

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Secret Exit 3: Bulrush Express


The final secret exit in Pipe-Rock Plateau is stashed away in the world’s most challenging level, Bulrush Express. To reach it, you’ll need to be in Elephant form by the end of the level. I was already in Elephant form when I played, but I’d recommend grabbing a spare from a previous level. Once you reach the end of the level, use the Elephant Form’s trunk attack to clear the brick blocks out of your way and ride the Bulrush at the end of the path to claim a secret Wonder Seed.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2023

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