Does Super Mario Bros Wonder have Secret Hidden Characters?

Does the playable cast extend beyond 12 characters in Super Mario Bros Wonder?

by Marc Magrini
Image: Nintendo

Players looking for every secret in Super Mario Bros Wonder might want to know if there are hidden characters to unlock.

This unique entry in the Mario franchise has 12 playable characters. There are even some unique picks in the roster such as Daisy from Super Mario Land. Previous games such as 3D World had some secret characters hidden away for players who were bold enough to beat the main worlds. But can the same be said for Super Mario Bros Wonder?

Are there Secret or Hidden Characters in Super Mario Bros Wonder?

Unfortunately, there are no secret characters to find in the game. Players will all start with the same 12 characters from beginning to end, with none of them being unlockable in any form. While there’s a couple of badge rewards for beating the game, those are pretty much the only game-changing rewards you’ll get.

Players can be sure about this fact by checking the game’s medals. As they achieve certain points of completion, a new medal will be added to their profile when selecting a file. Upon getting every medal, players will have seen pretty much all there is in the game, only to find the lack of any hidden characters whatsoever. In other words, don’t expect some final surprise that’s more than a simple item.

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Despite the lack of secret additions to the roster, Super Mario Bros Wonder has plenty of bonuses for the already-playable characters. This includes a number of different standees alongside unique Wonder Flower forms, each one having a special design. It’s also not necessary to complete every course with every character just to get 100% completion. You can pick and choose whatever character you want throughout your journey, so don’t be afraid to try everyone at least once!

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2023

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