All Power-ups and Wonder Flower Forms in Super Mario Bros Wonder

Discover every new form in Super Mario Bros Wonder!

by Marc Magrini
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Everyone who knows Mario games also knows their wide variety of transformations. Super Mario Bros Wonder has plenty of new forms for players to take, with many of them coming from Wonder Flowers. These appearances are different from power-ups, only lasting for part of a single level. Still, long-time fans will likely want to know about all power-ups and all Wonder Flower forms in Super Mario Bros Wonder.

All Power-ups in Super Mario Bros Wonder

Believe it or not, every major power-up was shown off before this game’s release. The Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Elephant Fruit, Drill Mushroom, Bubble Flower, and Super Star are the only traditional power-ups players will find in each level. In multiplayer, you could conceivably have every item you’d ever need filling each of the reserve slots. This might seem like a fairly low number, but that’s because the game makes up for it with the Wonder Flowers.

All Wonder Flower Forms

Wonder Flowers will give different forms depending on the levels they’re in. Players will have to discover these levels themselves before even getting a hint as to which form is required. Despite this, they can still learn about every form given by a Wonder Flower to prepare for whatever puzzles they might need to solve.

These are all the forms given by Wonder Flowers:

  • Goomba — Turns the player into a Goomba, allowing them to walk across spikes. The player cannot jump on their own and general movement is extremely limited, making it easy to lose a life in this form.
  • Puffy Lift — Turns the player into a Puffy Lift, causing them to slowly get squished by objects. If they’re squished down to their lowest point, the player loses a life.
  • Hoppycat — Turns the player into a Hoppycat, allowing them to jump to incredible heights. Like with regular jumping, the height correlates to how long the jump button is pressed.
  • Wubba — Turns the player into a Wubba, allowing them to slide around walls and ceilings. They can also swim through slime with incredible ease.
  • Stretchy — Extends the player’s torso massively. They can squish their body back to semi-normal size by crouching, usually causing the rest of the level to “crouch” alongside them.
  • Balloon — Gives the player a floaty balloon-like form. The player can flap their arms to move around in this form similarly to the P-Balloon as it appears in Super Mario Maker 2.
  • Shield — Creates a shield around the player that instantly defeats enemies. It also lets the player swim through lava.
  • Metal — Grants the player a metallic sheen that conducts electricity. This form plays a remix of the Metal Mario music from Super Mario 64.

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You’ll end up needing to obtain every form in this list if you want to get 100% completion. Outside of these forms, you can also become a ghost in online multiplayer and obtain other odd Wonder Flower effects, including the ability to walk on walls. Experiment with each form you find and master every tool at your disposal!

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