How to Get All Medals in Super Mario Bros Wonder

Learn how to get 100% in Super Mario Bros Wonder!

by Marc Magrini
Image: Nintendo

Like with previous entries in the series, Super Mario Bros Wonder tracks the player’s progress beyond cleared stages. Instead of using stars to do it, the game has special medals that appear on the player’s save file after being unlocked. These medals are an easy way to track how close the game is to 100% completion. Die-hard fans should know how they can collect all six medals in Super Mario Bros Wonder.

Requirements for All Medals in Super Mario Bros Wonder

The first medal players will receive is likely going to be the one obtained for beating the game. Outside of that obvious one, the rest of the medals are obtained through getting every unique collectible at least once. This includes the three 10-coin collectibles in each major stage on top of Wonder Seeds, badges, and even the standees for online multiplayer. You’ll have to manage your flower coin count throughout the whole game if you want an easier time getting every medal by the end.

There’s one more requirement before you can get every medal in the game. While beating every level is a given, you’ll also have to reach the top of every flagpole. This is hardly a difficult task across each stage, especially with the right badge setup, but it’s easy to miss if you aren’t careful. If you don’t reach the top of a pole, you’ll have to play the level all over again, so make sure you don’t fall short!

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If you want a head start on getting every medal, check each course from the selection menu. Courses with full completion will have a faded green checkmark underneath their list of collectibles, making it clear if you’ve found everything possible in that level. This can also notify you about whether there’s a secret exit to find, allowing you to unlock even more courses and get one step closer to 100% completion!

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