Should You Use the Prince’s Choice Badge Suggestions in Super Mario Bros Wonder?

How helpful are your new companion's choices in Super Mario Bros Wonder?

by Marc Magrini
Image: Nintendo

There are many new items to find in Super Mario Bros Wonder. Among these items, badges allow players to utilize new abilities and obtain collectibles they couldn’t get otherwise. With a press of the L button, Prince Florian — a brand-new companion in this title’s unique land — is able to choose which badge players enter a stage with. But just how helpful are the Prince’s Choice badge suggestions in Super Mario Bros Wonder?

Are the Prince’s Choice Badge Suggestions Worth Using in Super Mario Bros Wonder?

Unfortunately, Prince Florian’s suggestions help less than one might think. The Prince’s Choice selections are completely random, meaning it’s entirely possible to end up with a badge that’s no help at all in an upcoming stage. Sometimes, this system will suggest a badge that increases your water movement in a level that you didn’t even know had water in the first place. Other times, it will suggest a badge that protects you from pits…in a level without any pits whatsoever.

If you happen to get enough flower coins to purchase whatever badges you find in shops, Prince Florian’s list of suggestions will only become even more random. You’ll probably find it common when he tries to put you in a stage with the early Auto Super Mushroom badge even though you already have a mushroom active. It can be helpful if you need a pick-me-up since the new Elephant power-up is replaced with a basic Super Mushroom when you’re small, but you’ll hardly need Prince Florian to tell you that.

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Put simply, you shouldn’t use Prince’s Choice even if it’s your first time completing a stage. While the suggestions can occasionally assist you more than you think, you’ll quickly find that the randomness will hinder a lot more than it will help. The feature might be good for those trying a challenge run, but anyone wishing to simply complete the game should keep their finger off of the L button.

- This article was updated on October 22nd, 2023

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