Best Character for Beginners in Super Mario Bros Wonder

Learn about the easiest characters in Super Mario Bros Wonder!

by Marc Magrini
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Mario is a franchise that welcomes long-time fans and first-time players. Beginners can jump into Super Mario Bros Wonder with ease by picking the best character from its lineup.

Like with previous entries, Super Mario Bros Wonder features a wide selection of characters to play as. However, not all of these characters have unique abilities. Some of them have far fewer risks during gameplay than others, making them the clear choice for anyone choosing Wonder as their first Mario game.

Best Beginners’ Character in Super Mario Bros Wonder

While there are five characters to choose from with the ability to avoid damage, first-timers will find the best results with one of the four Yoshis. The Yoshis grab enemies with their tongue and spit them out, allowing them to deal damage to foes in more situations. They can also flutter jump to reach higher areas and ride on each other to assist in local multiplayer, allowing them to perform fantastic feats even without the game’s numerous badges.

Though the game’s store page states that Nabbit can change power-ups he grabs into flower coins, the same is true for Yoshis. In fact, every character can do just that if they’ve filled their reserve slots with the same power-up. There’s no situation in which Nabbit is better than the Yoshis, making him a more “balanced” pick despite still being unable to take damage.

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Despite Yoshis and Nabbit being the “easiest” picks, even beginners might want to forget about them in some stages. After all, these characters can not use power-ups while Mario and the others can. Some puzzles in this game will be quite a bit more challenging without the right tools, making the easiest characters ill-suited for every task.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2023

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