Sensor Badge Location — How to Find Hidden Objects in Super Mario Bros Wonder

Scour every inch of the Flower Kingdom with this helpful badge!

by Marc Magrini
Image: Nintendo

There are some well-hidden secrets all throughout the Flower Kingdom in Super Mario Bros Wonder. Players aiming for 100% will have a tough time with some especially-hidden Wonder Seeds, forcing ingenuity and quick thinking. Luckily, one of the game’s 24 badges can help with the search. All players should know the location of the Sensor Badge so they can find hidden objects more easily in Super Mario Bros Wonder.

Where is the Sensor Badge Location in Super Mario Bros Wonder?

A path to the sensor badge can be accessed as soon as you clear World 3. You’ll have to go through a few courses before reaching it, but all that’s necessary is opening the way to World 5 from Petal Isles. The badge is obtained from World 5 after getting a nearby Poplin to repair the bridge. You’ll receive it for a very low cost, allowing you to start searching for more well-hidden secrets.

Though this badge is practically unmissable, it’s important to note that Worlds 4, 5, and 6 all become available at the same time. Players following normal progression will go through all of World 4 without the Sensor Badge, which is especially troublesome considering how many secrets can be missed there. It’s a wise idea to do things out of order in this context, as you could spend far more time looking for valuable collectibles otherwise.

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The Sensor Badge is able to locate valuable items like 10-flower coins and Wonder Seeds. This detection is fairly limited, though, not always showing the specific path towards a Wonder Seed. Still, the badge can certainly help during the mind-bending Search Party levels and when trying to find secret exits. Grab it early on and find the most hidden secrets before anyone else!

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