How to Get the Wonder Seed from Secrets of Shova Mansion in Super Mario Bros Wonder

Avoid losing a life when searching for this secretive Wonder Seed!

by Marc Magrini
Image: Nintendo

Not every collectible in Super Mario Bros Wonder is easy to find. One level in particular, Secrets of Shova Mansion, forces players to think outside the box. The Wonder Flower in this level empowers a Shova into pushing a massive Bowser statue — one that’s certain to crush the player. Players can only obtain the Wonder Seed in Secrets of Shova Mansion by abandoning everything they’ve learned about the new enemy in Super Mario Bros Wonder.

Where is the Secrets of Shova Mansion Wonder Seed in Super Mario Bros Wonder?

The area where the Wonder Seed is located can be found fairly early on. Simply push some blocks into the right holes and a door will appear, leading you to the Wonder Flower. This will end up giving a Shova the power to push a massive Bowser statue your way, and although you’ve been taught otherwise in every encounter until now, pushing it back will only lead to your defeat. Instead, you must heed unseen advice and push the wall next to you, revealing a completely new path that was hidden until now.

Figuring this secret out isn’t necessary if you’re interested in getting as many flower coins as you can, since all the 10-coin collectibles are elsewhere in the level. You should also consider going into the level in a powered-up form, since that will give you a bit more leeway when pushing blocks. If Prince Florian suggests using the Auto Super Mushroom badge, it’s honestly not a bad idea to wear it. After running and shoving numerous objects towards the right, you’ll find the Wonder Seed waiting for you at the top of some blocks.

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Also in this level is a secret exit that can be found just before the flagpole. Defeat the Shova and break the bricks in the floor, then push the block into the newly-glowing hole. You’ll want to do this whether or not you’re interested in Wonder Seeds, as this will unlock a couple of new courses. Whether going for Wonder Seeds or secret exits, just keep thinking outside the box and you’ll find every secret possible!

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