How to Find Captain Toad in World 2 of Super Mario Bros Wonder

Where is the path to Captain Toad's World 2 appearance in Super Mario Bros Wonder?

by Marc Magrini
Image: Nintendo

Super Mario Bros Wonder has many secrets for players to find. One of these secrets comes in the form of Captain Toad, a friendly character that can appear all throughout the Flower Kingdom. While his appearances are optional, the rewards he gives can help in a player’s journey to reach 100% completion. For a quick and easy boost to their flower coin count, players should learn how to find Captain Toad in World 2 of Super Mario Bros Wonder.

Path to Captain Toad in World 2 of Super Mario Bros Wonder

Captain Toad can be reached by going through World 1 first. Head north through the first open area and give the Poplin 10 flower coins to break through the rock. This will lead to another open area with a secret pipe just above the Parachute Cap I Badge Challenge stage. Enter the pipe and you’ll see Captain Toad overlooking the view of World 2.

If you talk to Captain Toad, he’ll give you a reward of around 50 flower coins for finding him. You should make sure your total amount isn’t too high if you don’t want to miss out on his bonus. Talking to him again will lead to him simply commenting on the area’s characteristics. Unfortunately, reaching Captain Toad won’t give you access to the world he’s in.

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Captain Toad can appear in other areas throughout the Flower Kingdom, though finding him won’t be as easy. Expect more challenging methods of seeking him out, such as needing to find the secret exit of a level before gaining access to the pipe that leads to him. Either way, don’t fret too much if you miss out on one of his appearances. There are always other ways you can gain flower coins, after all.

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