All Subway Surfers Power-Ups, Ranked

Here are the best (and worst) power-ups in Subway Surfers!

by Drew Kopp
Image: All Subway Surfers Power-Ups, Ranked

Subway Surfers is a hard-but-fair endless running game that gives you plenty of tools to help you extend your run. Most of these assume the form of power-ups you can find along the seemingly infinite railway you traverse as you try to outrun the Inspector and his dog.

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There are a lot of power-ups in Subway Surfers, and some are more helpful than others. Here’s a complete list of all the power-ups you’ll run into in Subway Surfers, ranked from best to worst.

All Power-ups in Subway Surfers, From Best to Worst

There are eight power-ups in Subway Surfers, each with unique advantages and drawbacks. These power-ups can save your life if you end up in a pinch, but some can be upgraded into more powerful forms if you’re willing to spend some real-world cash.

Without further ado, here’s our ranking of the best and worst power-ups in Subway Surfers.

8. 2X Multiplier

The 2x Multiplier is, in my experience, the most common power-up in Subway Surfers, and it’s certainly helpful if you want to get your score up. As its name implies, the 2x Multiplier doubles the points you receive for gathering coins and progressing down the railway, ensuring your score will skyrocket until the power-up runs out.

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Unfortunately, the amount of points you get won’t matter much if you can’t dodge obstacles or stay out of the Inspector’s reach, and the 2x Multiplier helps you do neither of those things. As a result, it’s easily the most useless power-up in the game, even if you invest in upgrading its modifier to make it last longer.

7. Score Booster

The Score Booster works very similarly to the 2x Multiplier, which means it’s not good at anything except boosting your score. Unlike the 2x Multiplier, the Score Booster increases your innate Multiplier, which you increase by completing missions and gaining levels with your character of choice.

If you aim to be among the highest-scoring Subway Surfer players, the Score Booster will make things much easier for you. Sadly, that’s all it will do for you since it offers you no way to avoid oncoming obstacles or put distance between you and the Inspector.

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6. Super Mysterizer

The Super Mysterizer isn’t a unique power-up; it’s more of a power-up slot machine. Once you’ve grabbed and used this item, you’ll receive one of Subway Surfer’s eight other power-ups, and there’s no way to rig the odds in your favor.

Like many other randomized power-ups, you won’t know if the super Randomizer was worth picking up until you’ve used it. Depending on your situation, the power-up you get may save your run from impending disaster. Other times, it will give you something you don’t need when you need something else, and your run will come to a painful end.

5. Headstart

No matter how far or fast you run in Subway Surfers, the Inspector and his dog will always be just a few steps behind you. This makes the Headstart an extremely attractive power-up because it lets you put some distance between you and the Inspector at the start of your run.

Unfortunately, while the Headstart can be an excellent pick-me-up if you’ve fallen into a streak of bad runs, its bonus can only compensate for skill so much. If you’re struggling to learn how to dodge obstacles, the Headstart will offer you little besides a temporary… well, headstart.

4. Super Sneakers

The Super Sneakers may seem basic at first glance, but even the most straightforward upgrade can be a lifesaver in a game as intense as Subway Surfers. The Super Sneakers double your jump height, enabling you to leap over obstacles that you’d otherwise have to go around and reach higher, more Coin-laden routes.

During my playthrough of Subway Surfers, the Super Sneakers salvaged runs that were on the verge of ending more times than I could count, and that was before I invested in upgrading them. When upgraded, the Super Sneakers’ extended duration turned my character into a parkour master who could cheat defeat in the craziest ways.

3. Pogo Stick

The Pogo Stick is yet another vertically inclined power-up that gives your jump a bit of extra altitude. Unlike the Super Sneakers, the Pogo Stick does more than enhance your jump; it launches you into the air, allowing you to grab Coins and other power-ups hidden in higher places.

The Pogo Stick’s greatest strength is that it doesn’t just launch you high. The Pogo Stick doubles as a reconnaissance tool, giving you a view of upcoming obstacles whenever it throws you into the air, allowing you to see what’s coming and more time to react to it. The only real downside to using the Pogo Stick is that you can’t upgrade it, so you’ll never be able to extend the window of safety it gives you.

2. Jetpack

The Jetpack is one of the funniest power-ups to find in Subway Surfers. Whenever you strap it on, the Jetpack will propel you up and over obstacles for a few seconds, putting some serious distance between you and the Inspector.

Combining the best element of the Headstart and the Pogo Stick, the Jetpack doubles as both a speed boost and a burst of temporary invisibility.

1. The Hoverboard

Subway Surfers is a game about radical kids outrunning the law, and what’s more radical than a skateboard? A Hoverboard. The Hoverboard not only gives you a significant speed boost but also renders you immune to all hazards on the railway.

The Hoverboard is the closest thing Subway Surfers has to Mario’s Invincibility Star, and it’s always worth grabbing. If the Hoverboard’s temporary invincibility isn’t enough to win you over, then the fact that you can customize it will. The Hoverboard can be equipped with a wide variety of paint jobs, turning what was once a regular power-up into a piece of your attire that matches whatever outfit your favorite character is wearing.

- This article was updated on December 19th, 2023

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