All Sumeru Daily Commissions Related to Achievements in Genshin Impact

It's time to get those free Primogems!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Genshin Impact players can get a pretty decent amount of Primogems by unlocking achievements as they both explore the mysteries hidden throughout all the main regions of Teyvat as well as complete commissions. Now, so that you can get all of the Primogems exclusive to the Sumeru region, here are all Sumeru Daily Commissions related to Achievements in Genshin Impact, as well as how to unlock them.

All Sumeru Daily Commissions related to Achievements in Genshin Impact

You can currently earn a total of 14 achievements by taking part in Sumeru commissions on Genshin Impact, each of which will reward you with 5 Primogems. You can check out all Sumeru commissions which can reward you with achievements, as well as how to unlock them below.

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  • Attaché in Another Land: You can unlock the It’s My Job achievement by getting more than 5 fresh mushrooms during the commission.
  • Blooming Sands: Lasting Scent: You can unlock the Lingering Flagrance achievement by completing the commission. Blooming Sands: Lasting Scent will only become available after completing all three variants of the Desert Bloom commission.
  • Meow… Meow meow? Meow! Meow: Completing all variations of the commission will reward you with the Catch Me-ow if You Can! achievement.
  • Good Medicine Is Hard to Come By: You will be able to unlock the Doctor’s Handwriting achievement by giving the right instructions to Maruf during the commission.
  • Project Baby: Completing all variations of the quest will allow you to unlock the Non-Obligatory Request achievement.
  • Run, Hilmi, Run!: You can unlock the One Step Too Far achievement by losing the race to Hilmi during the commission.
  • Doctor’s Orders: Completing all variations of the commission by giving each patient their medicine and then doing a favor for them will unlock the Relaxation Therapy achievement.
  • Akademiya Q&A: Answering all six questions correctly will unlock the Scholarly in Sumeru achievement. Each version of the commission will feature 3 random questions among the six available.
  • Problem Conversion: Loading Capacity: Completing the commission after giving 5 planks to Rafic during Problem Conversion: Theory Reliability will unlock The Ship Has It achievement.
  • To Measure the World!: Completing all versions of the commission will unlock The Sky is Vast; The Earth… achievement.
  • When Flowers Bloom: Finding and then defeating the Whopperflower during the commission will unlock the Up by the Roots achievement.
  • Eat and Learn: Completing all variations of the commission will unlock the What’s the Matter? achievement.
  • Gold Devouring and Mora Gathering: After completing the commission for the first time, completing the follow-up commission where Hatim decides to go bargain-hunting will unlock the When Wealth Comes A-Knockin achievement. Completing the follow-up commission where he manages to gain a fortune will, in turn, unlock the Kalimi’s Fungus achievement.

It’s important to point out that the commissions become available by luck, so there is currently no way to guarantee a set commission will become available for you at a set date — even after completing its predecessors.

Now that you know how to unlock all achievements related to the Sumeru commissions, don’t forget to also check out where to find Sakura Blooms in Genshin Impact.

- This article was updated on March 28th, 2023

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