All Sumeru Radiant Spincrystal Locations in Genshin Impact

Find out where to locate every Radiant Spincrystal in Sumeru

by Kara Phillips


The expansive map of Genshin Impact is capable of hiding a vast number of gadgets and gizmos for the player to find. From the highest mountain to the depths of a cave, there is a secret around every corner. Read on to see where you can locate every Radiant Spincrystal in one of Genshin’s newest locations, Sumeru.

Where to Find Every Radiant Spincrystal in Sumeru in Genshin Impact

Each realm in Genshin Impact hides a selection of Radiant Spincrystals for the player to discover during their adventure. For example, Sumeru has nine hidden Radiant Spincrystals that vary in difficulty to locate. The table below explains where you can find each of them.

Spincrystal Number Location
73 Travel to the teleport waypoint north of Mawtiyima Forest, then glide southeast towards the ample plant and abandoned camp. The Spincrystal is located on one of the crates within the base.
74 Teleport to the Vanarana Statue of Seven and head south. Once the road forks, turn southwest and use the Four-Leaf sigils until you reach the tallest plant. Once the enemies have been defeated, you’ll be able to see the Spincrystal.
75 Use the teleport waypoint west of Apam Woods and head East until you find a small house. The Spincrystal is inside.
76 Teleport to the Devantaka Mountain Statue of Seven, and glide down onto the arm of the Ruin Guard. The Spincrystal is found right at the end.
77 Following the previous location, glide east from the Ruin Guard’s arm until you find the entrance to a cave. Enter the cave and head to the lowest level, where you’ll find a sizeable rusted gear and a Ruin Grader chained up. Use the Four-Leaf Sigil to climb the gear, and the Radiant Spincrystal is at the top.
78 Teleport to Sumeru City and head toward the large green building. The Radiant Spincrystal is found on the edge of the building above Effendi.
79 Travel to the Port Ormos waypoint and walk east down the spiral pathway. The Radiant Spincrystal is found toward the bottom right-hand side.
80 Head toward the restaurant in Sumeru City and the Radiant Spincrystal can be found on a wooden box. It’s best to grab this one after finding number 78.
81 Teleport to the south of the Ruins of Dahri. Head north until you find the Four-Leaf sigil surrounding a wooden post. Climb it, and the Radiant Spincrystal is at the top.

Outside of finding Radiant Spincrystals scattered throughout Sumeru, several can be purchased from Chubby, a traveling merchant who only spawns four days a week. However, Chubby will never stock any of the Radiant Spincrystals the player is required to find around the map.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5.

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