Genshin Impact Radiant Spincrystal: How to Use and Change Serenitea Pot Music

How to put some familiar tunes into your teapot.

by Weilong Mao


Tired of the default music that plays whenever you entered the teapot in Genshin impact? With the release of patch 2.4, Mihoyo is patching in some furnishings that will allow players the affordances to personalize their teapots to an even greater extent, this time, in particular, the ability to change the indoor and outdoor music of the realms within their teapot that the player has had access to since patch 1.5. This guide will illustrate the necessary process for obtaining the furnishings required to change the BGMs, and how to unlock the musical tracks that the player’s potentially interested in.

What are Radiant Spincrystals

Radiant Spincrystals are what players are going to require in order to change the music in their teapot for Genshin Impact, they are obtained from the Travelling Salesman Chubby, who only appears in the Serenitea pot from Friday to Sunday, selling goods including Furnishings and Pets. With the release of patch 2.4, Chubby will also now be selling Radiant Spincrystals in his shop, two at a time, with each crystal costing 100 realm currency. It is necessary to note that each crystal contains only one track, and what tracks are contained within them is determined by the numbers listed after the name of the crystal.

Here is a list of the tracks available and what number corresponds to what track.

How to change the teapot music in Genshin Impact


After purchasing radiant crystals from Chubby, players can go and visit Tubby to acquire the necessary furnishings for unlocking the music-changing function. The respective items can be found in Realm Depot under Riches of the Realm, the items in question being Euphonium Unbound: Soaring, and Euphonium Unbound: Winding respectively. With each costing 300 realm currency. Euphonium Unbound: Soaring corresponds to outdoor music, and Euphonium Unbound: Winding corresponds to the indoor music that plays within the manor that players have put in place.

Now that the player has purchased the necessary furnishings, they’ll need to place them down in their teapot. Upon approaching the furnishing a prompt for changing the music will appear and upon clicking that, the player will be brought to the music menu screen. Players will already have access to a few tracks that they can switch over to, but the selection will be nowhere close to the robust offering that was shown in the Livestream for patch 2.4. This is where Radiant Spincrystals come into play. If players were to access this menu with Radiant Spincrystals in their possession, unlockable tracks will appear that correspond to the respective Radiant Crystals they’ve purchased. Upon choosing to unlock the respective tracks, players will be free to switch to and from the new music that they’ve acquired for themselves.

For avid collectors of musical tracks out there, it is always possible to negotiate and barter with friends and fellow players so that visits can be made to their teapots on the weekends so as to browse the wares of their Chubby. He might just have the right Radiant Crystals that are yet to have been obtained.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS.

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