All Warzone DMZ Hidden Cache Locations

All of the Hidden Cache locations you need in Warzone DMZ.

by Gordon Bicker
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Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ has plenty of searchable areas and whether you are using keys to unlock certain doors or simply just looking around, you will stumble into some Hidden Caches sticking out from the ground. These can be excellent to get some extra cash or even potentially gain a scorestreak/weapon. This article will show you where every hidden cache location is in Warzone DMZ.

DMZ Hidden Cache Locations

In order to give you all a guide that is easy to come back to any time you need it, the cache locations will be split up per map. This means there is a dedicated section for each individual map which makes it simpler to quickly scan through when you’re in the middle of playing.

Al-Mazrah Hidden Cache Locations


The website is brilliant for a reference to the precise location (indicated by yellow shapes) of where to find the Hidden Caches. Because of how many there actually are, we thought this would be the most efficient way of showing you the Hidden Cache locations. For Al-Mazrah there are over 60 of the Caches to find so I recommend starting your hunt early when you begin a round of DMZ.

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Sector D2 has plenty of Caches clustered together so this can be an amazing spot to search in if you want to gather as much of this hidden loot as quickly as possible.

Ashika Island Hidden Cache Locations


Ashika Island has 21 Hidden Caches and will take you less time to find all of them because of the actual size of the map. The Caches that are close to/on the coastline tend to be found either in shallow water or underwater: keep that in mind when traveling to the Hidden Cache locations. I recommend starting off at around Sector G5 since this is where you will find the highest density of Caches.

Vondel Hidden Cache Locations

Image: of the Fanboy

There have been a few Hidden Cache locations discovered in Vondel with Sectors B6 to B7 having the most clustered together. There is a chance that more Hidden Caches are still to be found on the Vondel map so be sure to keep a close lookout for any extra. For the time being, the usual loot you can gain from the existing Caches will be extremely beneficial as always.

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Now that you know where all of the Hidden Cache locations are in Warzone DMZ, it is time to go treasure hunting for worthwhile loot — best of luck on your Hidden Cache journey!

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2023

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