Warzone DMZ AQ Laptop Locations for Heated Madness

Where are the AQ Laptops located in DMZ?

by Noah Nelson
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If you want to unlock the Heated Madness blueprint in Warzone DMZ, you need to complete this one step to unlock the Heated Madness Grip which includes finding AQ Laptops. To unlock the Heated Madness blueprint, you need to find all the individual parts, and the Heated Madness Grip is locked behind collecting three AQ Laptops. Here is how to easily find AQ Laptops in DMZ and how to acquire the Heated Madness Grip.

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Where to Find AQ Laptops in DMZ

AQ Laptops in DMZ are only found in the Koschei Complex which is a heavily armored base on Al Mazrah in the Sattiq Cave Complex area.

The AQ Laptops spawn in random locations, but the easiest way to find them is to search around every entrance to the Koschei Complex and within it. Eventually, you’ll naturally stumble upon three AQ Laptops and be able to reach the Alpha Cluster.

The only way to get into the place where the Heated Madness Grip is located in the Koschei Complex is to find a car battery and jumper leads, which you can easily find at gas stations. Bring them to the Koschei Complex Chemical Plant and use the two items on the nearby panel to open the door. This area is called the Alpha Cluster and, if you’re lucky, you can find an AQ Laptop here.

Once you are in the Alpha Cluster room, you need to use all three AQ Laptops on the three raised computer servers in the room. This will open a nearby room that contains the Heated Madness Grip along with other great loot.

How to Find Three AQ Laptops Easily and Quickly in DMZ

I recommend finding a Secure Backpack and using it to find and extract one or two AQ Laptops that won’t disappear into XP when you successfully extract. Though you’ll still lose your stuff when you die, the Secure Backpack has a lot more storage and allows you to reenter a DMZ match with your stuff from previous matches — including AQ Laptops.

Since you need to successfully exfil with three AQ Laptops, having a Secure Backpack is the way to make this whole process a lot easier and safer. If you’re worried about losing your acquired gear thus far, you can always back out with what you have if you have a Secure Backpack and head back into a DMZ match with a head start with an AQ Laptop or two and the car battery and jumper cables.

- This article was updated on July 7th, 2023

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