All 103 Pokemon Available in Pokemon Sleep

Here are all of the Pokemon you can catch in Pokemon Sleep.

by Drew Kopp
Image: Niantic, Inc.

Pokemon Sleep is a mobile game that rewards players for maintaining a healthy sleep cycle by allowing them to catch Pokemon while they’re dozing off. While Pokemon Sleep does not include all one-thousand-and-fifteen Pokemon, it does feature a healthy roster of Pocket Monsters for sleeping trainers to collect, many of which are fan favorites. Here are all of the Pokemon you can catch in Pokemon Sleep.

Every Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep

Image: Niantic, Inc.

There are a total of one hundred and three Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep. While this roster only adds up to just over ten percent of the total number of Pokemon in the Pokedex, it does include many of the most popular Pokemon in the franchise. Among them are the series’ ever-adorable mascot Pikachu, several lines of Starter Pokemon, and all of the Eeveelutions. Interestingly, Pokemon Sleep does not feature any Pokemon from the franchise’s fifth, seventh, eighth, or ninth Generations, which will probably disappoint fans of new Pokemon Games like Pokemon Sword & Shield and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Here is a complete list of every Pokemon currently available in Pokemon Sleep.

All Generation 1 Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep

  • Bulbasaur
  • Ivysaur
  • Venusaur
  • Charmander
  • Charmeleon
  • Charizard
  • Squirtle
  • Wartortle
  • Blastoise
  • Caterpie
  • Metapod
  • Butterfree
  • Rattata
  • Raticate
  • Ekans
  • Arbok
  • Pikachu
  • Raichu
  • Jigglypuff
  • Wigglytuff
  • Diglett
  • Dugtrio
  • Meowth
  • Persian
  • Psyduck
  • Golduck
  • Mankey
  • Primeape
  • Growlithe
  • Arcanine
  • Bellsprout
  • Weepinbell
  • Victreebel
  • Geodude
  • Graveler
  • Golem
  • Slowpoke
  • Slowbro
  • Magnemite
  • Magneton
  • Doduo
  • Dodrio
  • Gastly
  • Haunter
  • Gengar
  • Cubone
  • Marowak
  • Kangaskhan
  • Pinsir
  • Ditto
  • Eevee
  • Vaporeon
  • Jolteon
  • Flareon

All Generation 2 Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep

  • Chikorita
  • Bayleef
  • Meganium
  • Cyndaquil
  • Quilava
  • Typhlosion
  • Totodile
  • Croconaw
  • Feraligatr
  • Pichu
  • Igglybuff
  • Togepi
  • Togetic
  • Mareep
  • Flaaffy
  • Ampharos
  • Sudowoodo
  • Espeon
  • Umbreon
  • Slowking
  • Wobbuffet
  • Heracross
  • Houndour
  • Houndoom
  • Larvitar
  • Pupitar
  • Tyranitar

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All Generation 3 Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep

  • Slakoth
  • Vigoroth
  • Slaking
  • Sableye
  • Gulpin
  • Swalot
  • Swablu
  • Altaria
  • Absol
  • Wynaut
  • Spheal
  • Sealeo
  • Walrein

All Generation 4 Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep

  • Bonsly
  • Riolu
  • Lucario
  • Croagunk
  • Toxicroak
  • Magnezone
  • Leafeon
  • Glaceon

All Generation 7 Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep

  • Sylveon

How do you Catch Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep?

Image: The Pokemon Company / Niantic

To catch Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep, you need to fall asleep. Pokemon Sleep tracks your sleep pattern through Pokemon Go Plus, which can be connected to your Pokemon Sleep account. Once your Pokemon Sleep account is connected to your Pokemon Go Plus, place both devices on any secure surface near your bedside and do your best to get a good night’s sleep.

Every Pokemon available in Pokemon Sleep is linked to one of three categories; dozing, snoozing, and slumbering. The length and depth of your sleep cycle will determine what kind of Pokemon will be gathered around the Snorlax the game challenges you to raise when you wake up. You can also increase the number of Pokemon drawn to you by feeding Snorlax berries, making its belly bigger and even more irresistible to tired Pokemon looking for a place to sleep.

- This article was updated on July 17th, 2023

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