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Among Us: 27 Pro Tips to Help You Win Every Game

Win every Among Us game with these simple tips.

by Diego Perez


Among Us is a simple game that’s hard to master, so here are some pro tips and tricks to help you win every game whether you’re the Imposter or a Crewmate. If you’re looking for new Imposter strategies, we’ve got them. Trying to survive longer as a Crewmate? Look no further. Do you need easy ways to deduce who the murderer actually is and become the star of Emergency Meetings? We can help with that, too. This is the ultimate guide to help you win every game in Among Us. This list covers basic strategies that you need to know if you want to stay alive as well as advanced tips and tricks that will give you a leg up over the competition.

Learn Your Common Tasks

On each map, there are common tasks that are assigned to every player. If you’re an Imposter, use this to your advantage to you know which tasks you can safely fake without drawing suspicion.  You can see each map’s common tasks below.

  • Skeld – Fix Wiring, Swipe Card
  • Mira HQ – Fix Wiring, Enter ID Code
  • Polus – Fix Wiring, Insert Keys, Scan Boarding Pass

Learn Crewmate Viewing Distances

Crewmates can only see a certain distance away, and you can kill players basically out in the open if you learn the Crewmate viewing range. This can be adjusted in the settings, as can Imposter vision, so don’t rely on i

Memorize Camera Locations

Just when you think you’ve committed the perfect murder, a Crewmate from the other side of the map calls an Emergency Meetings and says they saw you on cams. Learn where the cameras are on every map so you know which seemingly secluded spaces you should avoid as an Imposter. You can also use this to reinforce your supposed alibi.

Map Out Vents for Reference

Vents can be used as both an escape tool and a fast travel system, and every Imposter worth their salt knows where each vent is connected to. You can also use this information as a Crewmate to shut down another player’s supposed alibi if you know they could have vented into a room after killing someone somewhere else.


Know Which Tasks Are Visual Tasks

Not every task is a visual task, but there are a few tasks that come with animations that can prove your innocence.  Never try to fake these tasks as an Imposter, and make sure someone sees you do them if you’re a Crewmate. Each visual task in the game is listed below.

  • Clear Asteroids
  • Submit Scan
  • Empty Garbage
  • Empty Chute
  • Prime Shields

Learn How Long Tasks Take to Complete

If you’re going to fake a task, it’s a good idea to know how long that task usually takes to complete. If you try to fake the Clear Asteroids task but you only stand nearby for three seconds, you’re going to seem incredibly suspicious to any bystanders. You can also use this to your advantage to spot Imposters.

Check Rooms as You Pass Them

Imposters always try to kill Crewmates out of sight, so make a habit of checking each room for bodies as you pass by unless you really need to get somewhere quickly. Someone might have been killed watching cameras in Security and you’d never know unless you poked your head in.

Keep Your Communication Consistent

If you’re going to talk a lot, make sure you talk a lot every match. If you’re going to stay quiet and let everyone else argue, you’d better do that every game. Keep your communication consistent so you don’t seem suspicious. If a quiet player is speaking up more often than usual, they’re immediately marked as a possible Imposter by most players.

Try the AFK Strategy

If you’re an Imposter, you can try getting an easy kill by pretending you’re AFK. Just don’t move when the match starts and wait for everyone to leave. Stand completely still until someone comes by. Kill whoever comes near and then return to your AFK position and wait for someone else to report the body. Pretend to come back during the discussion and make up an excuse as to where you were. If you fooled everyone, you’ll be cleared of suspicion. This doesn’t work with experienced players and it doesn’t work more than once, but it’s a smart strategy to use.


Be Ready to Sabotage Lights in Case Someone Is Approaching a Body

If you kill someone and you know other players are nearby. be ready to turn the lights off in case they start heading your way. You can get away with kills in the open if you sabotage lights when someone is coming, and you can even frame that person once the lights are fixed and the body is reported if you say you saw them come from where the body was found.

Don’t Clear Someone Just Because You Followed Them

It’s a common tactic to stay near someone so you can show you’re innocent, but smart Imposters will take advantage of this. Don’t assume someone is safe just because you followed them around they didn’t kill you. They could be trying to earn your trust so you defend them after they kill later in the game.

Work With Your Imposter Teammates

You should try to work together with your Imposter allies if you’re in a lobby with multiple Imposters. You can’t communicate outright with them, but there are some strategies you can try in order to coordinate an attack. Try closing the door to suggest a double kill with your Imposter teammate, or do the universal “side to side dance” to signal that you’re ready for a multi-kill.

Be Careful When the Lights Turn Off

This tip is more for the Imposters out there. Most Imposters get cocky when the lights go out and think they’ve earned a free kill, but you should still be wary of Crewmates in the dark. You’d be surprised how easy it is to run into a body in the dark, and you might get caught killing just as the lights come back on.

Finish Your Tasks as a Ghost

This one is obvious, but it’s worth saying for those in the back. Please finish your tasks when you do. Just because you’re a ghost doesn’t mean you can go AFK and ignore your responsibilities. Your Crewmates will hate you and you’ll ruin the game. Please don’t be that person.


Don’t Self-Report All the Time

Self-reporting is a useful tool, but you shouldn’t do it all the time. Especially later in the game, self-reports can be very suspicious when it’s easy to keep tabs on each player’s location. Self-reports are great to use in the early game, however, as most Crewmates are hesitant to vote anyone out after the first kill unless there is conclusive evidence or a witness.

Comms Sabotage Disables Cameras

Comms is definitely one of the weakest sabotages in the game, but a lot of people don’t know that it does more than just disable the tasks list. It disables the cameras while active, and it even disables some of the things in the Admin room. It’s still a situational sabotage, but it’s a useful tool to have just in case you need it.

Don’t Be Too Aggressive During Discussions

If you throw blame around every chance you get, soon enough everyone is going to think you’re the Imposter. Don’t push too hard during discussions, especially after a body is reported. People will start to think you’re deflecting blame to save yourself, and it’s hard to recover when everyone is suddenly dead set on you being the Imposter.

Go for Stack Kills

Stack kills are a classic Among Us strategy, and for good reason. They’re a surefire way to score an easy kill and make everyone really confused. If multiple players are stacked on top of one another, usually trying to fix lights or accomplish a common task, Imposters can kill someone and typically get away with it because there’s no way to know for sure who committed the murder unless someone has a sharp eye.

Kill Talkative Crewmates First

Some players are better detectives than others, and these players need to go. If you’re the Imposter, take note of who’s leading the discussions and investigations when bodies are found. Try to kill these players, especially if they’re catching on to you. Don’t do it if it will bring suspicion to you (obviously), but try to take out the loudest, most talkative players first.


Learn Crewmate Viewing Distances

Crewmates can only see a certain distance away, and you can kill players basically out in the open if you learn the Crewmate viewing range. This can be adjusted in the settings, as can Imposter vision, so don’t rely on it too heavily. Still, it’s a useful tool to have in your Imposter arsenal.

Start Moving Immediately When the Round Starts

Don’t wait around in the starting area when the game begins. Always start walking. Imposters usually take a second or two to think about where to go because they don’t want to seem suspicious. A good Crewmate always heads off toward their first task, and you want to try your best to look like a good Crewmate.

Don’t Do Visual Tasks Without Someone Watching

Visual tasks are a tool. They can save your life. If you’re a Crewmate, don’t do a visual task without someone watching to confirm that you’re innocent. It’s a surefire way to show that you’re a Crewmate, and you don’t want to prove your innocence without a witness or two. Also, if you’re an Imposter, don’t try to fake these tasks. People can see you’re faking and they will definitely vote you out.

Sabotage to Draw Crewmates Away From Bodies

Use your sabotages to draw people away from your victims. If you kill someone in Navigation on the far right side of the Skeld map, start a Reactor meltdown to draw everyone to the other side of the map. The same goes for any other map. You’ll get everyone in the same place and you can just say you were heading to fix the emergency if someone sees you running away from the body.

Get Yourself an Alibi

Being a lone wolf is very suspicious. You need to have an alibi, especially when the number of Crewmates starts to drop. You need to show people that you’re innocent. Do as many tasks as you can and try to get someone to watch you do a visual task. If all else fails, just stick with a group or partner so someone can vouch for you.


Always Vote

Voting is important. Even if it’s just to skip, make sure you always vote during a discussion. Not voting can seem suspicious, even if you just forget to, and players will start to draw conclusions based on who you vote for or don’t vote for. Voting to skip can also save another Crewmate’s life if the skip votes outnumber the votes for someone else.

Pretend You’re New

This strategy doesn’t work more than once and it doesn’t fool experienced players, but you can get away with a lot of stuff if you pretend that you’ve never played Among Us before. Just tell everyone you’re new and still figuring things out. Constantly stop and pull up your map to act lost, and be very vague with task descriptions and room names so people will believe you don’t know what they are. It stops working quickly, but if you can fool a group of players, you can pretty much secure an easy victory.

Stay in Groups

Don’t split up if you don’t have to. Being alone is a death sentence, especially if most of the other Crewmates are on the other side of the map. If you have a task that’s way off in the distance in a secluded area, maybe wait until someone else needs to head over there. Imposters are less likely to strike when you have company, and you can keep more people alive this way.

Don’t Wait For Others to Fix a Sabotage

If something gets sabotaged, please go fix it. A lot of people just assume the other Crewmates will go fix the Reactor meltdown or whatever emergency the Imposters caused, and a lot of times this results in nobody going to fix it at all because everyone just thought someone else would. Just to be safe, go fix it yourself. Otherwise, the Imposters might score an easy win.

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