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Among Us – How to Make Your Name Invisible

Get a blank name with these simple steps.

by Diego Perez


Did you know you can have an invisible name in Among Us? You can input any name you want for your little Crewmate (or Imposter), but you can use a loophole to make the game think you don’t have a name at all. Using this strategy, you can have a blank name and have no text floating above your character during a game. This can make hiding as the Imposter much easier, and it’s still a cool trick to do if you’re a crewmate. It’s not even that hard to do either, and you can do it on both PC and mobile devices. Here’s how to make your name invisible in Among Us.

How to Get a Blank Name in Among Us

Getting an invisible name in Among Us is as simple as copying and pasting a blank space into the name field. You can’t type a blank space directly in, but the game will let you copy and paste one in without issue. Just follow the steps listed below.

  1. Copy the blank space between the following quotation marks: “ㅤ”
  2. Paste the blank space into the Name field in Among Us.
  3. Enter a match and you will have an invisible name.

This strategy works on both PC and mobile devices. You’ll be able to tell if it worked if you see the cursor move one space forward after you press paste. That means there’s a blank space there, and all you have to do from there is load into a match.

This works because it’s not a regular old space that you can get by pressing the space bar on your keyboard. It’s actually a Unicode symbol that just looks like a blank space. Because the Unicode symbol is technically seen as an acceptable character to the game, it lets you have a blank name.


Having an invisible name in Among Us doesn’t have too many benefits, but there are still a few ways it can help you out. You can still be identified by your character’s color (pretty much nobody uses actual usernames when referring to other players anyway), but you can hide more easily because you won’t have text floating above your character. Blending into the environment and not standing out can help you secure some easy kills and draw suspicion away from yourself if you’re the Imposter. If you’re a Crewmate though, there really aren’t any benefits to having an invisible name.

Among Us is available now for PC and mobile devices.

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