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Animal Crossing – All Halloween DIY Recipes

Craft Halloween items from pumpkins and other materials.

by Diego Perez


Halloween is almost here in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but you can start celebrating spooky season early by crafting Spooky Set DIY items. By growing pumpkins, you can craft new Halloween themed items to get your island ready for the festivities on October 31. There are all different kinds of pumpkins to collect, so you’ll have to get started early if you want everything to look the way you want it by the time Halloween rolls around. Here are all the Spooky Set DIY recipes for the Halloween update in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

All Spooky Halloween Items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Item Required Materials
Spooky Arch Hardwood x10
Clay x3
Orange Pumpkin x10
Spooky Candy Set Orange Pumpkin x1
Candy x3
Spooky Carriage Wood x20
Softwood x20
Hardwood x20
Iron Nugget x10
Orange Pumpkin x30
Spooky Chair Orange Pumpkin x3
Softwood x3
Spooky Fence Orange Pumpkin x3
Iron Nugget x5
Spooky Garland Iron Nugget x1
Clay x1
Orange Pumpkin x1
Spooky Lantern Orange Pumpkin x4
Spooky Lantern Set Orange Pumpkin x3
Spooky Standing Lamp Hardwood x5
Clay x1
Orange Pumpkin x3
Spooky Table Orange Pumpkin x14
Softwood x10
Spooky Table Setting Iron Nugget x1
Clay x1
Orange Pumpkin x1
Spooky Tower Orange Pumpkin x7
Spooky Wand Star Fragment x3
Spooky Lantern x1
Spooky Rug Give Villagers Candy on Halloween
Spooky Flooring Give Villagers Candy on Halloween
Spooky Wall Give Villagers Candy on Halloween

Most of the Spooky Set items can be crafted from pumpkins and other materials, but if you want the Spooky Wall, Spooky Flooring, or Spooky Rug, you’ll have to wait until Halloween and give your villagers some Candy.

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