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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Cherry-Blossom DIY Recipes List 2021

All 14 recipes to bring Spring to your island

by Lisa Nguyen


The Cherry-Blossoms have returned in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it’s time to craft Cherry-Blossom DIY recipes. The limited-time event only runs for the first ten days in April, which gives players a small timeframe to collect the floating petals.

Where to find Cherry-Blossoms petals

Players may notice some of their trees have blossomed into pink Cherry-Blossoms. However, petals won’t drop by shaking a tree. You’ll need to take out their nets and catch petals floating in the sky. The petals appear randomly, so it will take some time to catch enough.

Another option to grab Cherry-Blossoms petals is to trade with other players. Working with friends will help secure the DIY recipes before time runs out.

How to collect Cherry-Blossom DIY Recipes

Cherry-Blossom DIY recipes will appear in different ways. One of the easiest is by listening to Isabelle’s daily report, where she will send out the Outdoor picnic set recipe to everyone.

The second way is by using the slingshot and popping balloons floating in the sky. It will take some patience to collect them all, especially since these limited-time recipes aren’t presented by villagers or sold in stores.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Cherry-Blossom DIY Recipes

There are 14 DIY recipes to collect and use. There are no new recipes in 2021 unfortunately, but new players have an opportunity to collect these rare items now.

Here’s the list of Cherry-Blossom DIY Recipes:

  • Blossom-viewing lantern – 5 Cherry-Blossom Petals, 4 Hardwood
  • Cherry-Blossom bonsai – 6 Cherry-Blossom Petals, 2 Hardwood, 3 Clump of Weeds, 3 Clay
  • Cherry-Blossom branches – 8 Cherry-Blossom Petals, 4 Tree Branches, 5 Clay
  • Cherry-Blossom clock – 5 Cherry-Blossom Petals, 1 Iron Nugget
  • Cherry-Blossom flooring – 10 Cherry-Blossom Petals, 20 Clump of Weeds
  • Cherry-Blossom petal pile – 5 Cherry-Blossom Petals
  • Cherry-Blossom pochette – 6 Cherry-Blossom Petals
  • Cherry-Blossom pond stone – 3 Cherry-Blossom Petals, 10 Stones
  • Cherry-Blossom trees wall – 10 Cherry-Blossom Petals, 5 Hardwood
  • Cherry-Blossom umbrella – 7 Cherry-Blossom Petals
  • Cherry-Blossom wand – 3 Cherry-Blossom Petals, 3 Star Fragment
  • Outdoor picnic set – 10 Cherry-Blossoms Petals
  • Sakura-wood wall – 5 Cherry-Blossom Petals, 10 Wood
  • Sakura-wood flooring – 5 Cherry-Blossom Petals, 10 Wood

Once players have collected all of the DIY recipes and crafted the items, they may have some cherry-blossom petals left over. While players can give these leftovers to friends, they can also be sold to the twins at Nook’s Cranny for 200 Bells each.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Nintendo Switch exclusive available now.

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