Animal Crossing New Horizons Design Collection: Best Patterns for Clothing and Decorations

We hope you enjoy these clothing and decoration patterns!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell


Are you looking for the best Animal Crossing: New Horizons patterns for clothing and decorations? We have scoured the internet to look for the best patterns from some of the most talented creators. Whether you want to rep your favorite Harry Potter house or prepare for Christmas we have the pattern for you. All you need to do is visit The Able Sisters and use the included codes to download your favorite patterns for use in-game.

Best Patterns for Clothing and Decorations in Animal Crossing New Horizons

We have found the ten best patterns from the most creative designers worldwide for you to use in-game.

How to Use Custom Designs

Don’t worry if you’ve never used a custom design code before because it is super easy. Follow these steps to download a custom design code for use in-game:

  1. Travel to The Able Sisters shop
  2. Interact with the pink terminal
  3. Choose ‘Access the kiosk’
  4. Enter the code of either the designer or the specific design
  5. Save the design
  6. Enjoy!

Harry Potter Houses


What house were you sorted into? Rep your favorite Harry Potter house by wearing their robe.

Zelda’s Dress from Breath of the Wild


This dress is perfect for when you are feeling like royalty and want everyone on your island to know it.

Stained Glass Lights


These stained glass lights are really amazing! I wish I could have them for my real desk at home.

Koi Pond


Have a koi pond with koi soul mates in your house.

Game Boy Phone Case


I felt like I was ten again after running around my island with my phone designed like the game boy I had as a kid.

Flower Path


This cute path will add some extra floral color to your island.

Christmas Window


Deck the halls with boughs of holly… La la la la la, la la la la.

Brain Platter


You can invite your favorite zombie over for dinner with this tasty brain platter.

BB-8 Hat


You can become everyone’s favorite droid with this really well-crafted beanie… BEEP-BOOP-BEEP

Arcade Sign


Who doesn’t love the ’80s and everything that goes along with it? Bring all the island folk to your arcade with this retro sign.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 3rd, 2022

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