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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide: How to Get Friend Powder & What it Does

by William Schwartz


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp uses a crafting system to upgrade your campsite.  You can craft things like sofas, chairs, lamps, and other items that will make your campsite more hospitable to your animal friends in the world.  One of the crafting materials that comes into play quite often in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is Friend Powder.

Sometimes you’ll see the golden bag with two characters on it as a necessary item alongside the normal steel, cotton, or essence crafting materials, but the question is how do you get it?

Right now the only way that you can earn Friend Powder is by completing Timed Goals and Stretch Goals in the game.  One example of a timed goal that will give you Friend Powder is by giving Kudos to another player in the game by visiting their campsite and admiring their work.

Another example of a Stretch Goal for earning Friend Powder is by visiting a friend and giving them Kudos.

How do you give Kudos?

For people you don’t know

When you come across another player’s character in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp you can visit their campsite whether you are friends with them or not.  Tap on this character and a box will open with an option to visit their campsite.  Once their campsite loads, you’ll need to tap on this character again where another box will open that allows you to “Give Kudos.”

After you’ve done this and assuming it’s one of your active goals you’ll receive as much Friend Powder as the goal indicates.  To collect this reward, open the K.K. Slider Menu tab and look for the goal you just completed.  Tap on the complete button and then head back to your mailbox to receive the item.

Giving Kudos to friends

Giving Kudos to friends is a little bit different but relies on the same method.  Though instead of just randomly meeting this person in the world, you visit their campsite via the in-game friends menu.  Open up the sliding tab and then select the friends menu, select the friend you want to visit, and then select visit campsite.  Once you’re at your friends campsite you’ll have the option to give them Kudos.  If this is one of your active goals, you can then follow the above method to collect your Friend Powder reward.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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