Anthem: How to Get Blueprints

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Blueprints are going to be one of the best ways to craft more powerful weapons and gear in Anthem.  Getting blueprints isn’t necessarily hard, but getting to the good stuff like Epic and Masterwork Blueprints is going to take some time.  Regardless, you’re going to want to pay attention to the blueprints that you unlock in Anthem because they very well allow you to upgrade an item or component in your suit to something more powerful than you currently have.  This guide will explain what you need to do get blueprints in Anthem.

How to Get Blueprints in Anthem

Blueprints are the necessary item that you’re going to need to do crafting in Anthem.  Any time that you get a new Blueprint you can then craft the item in the Forge, assuming that you have the necessary crafting materials.  Getting Blueprints is going to come down to completing in-game activities and the higher level activities that you complete the better blueprints that you are going to unlock.

At the start of Anthem you’re going to find that you’re getting some blueprints as loot.  At the beginning of the game these are going to be common items that are only marginally more powerful or equal to the other loot you are getting from completing in-game activities.  These can be dropped at any time.  You’ll find these common blueprints as loot from all sorts of activities.  As your character becomes more powerful you will see more Uncommon Blueprints start to pop up in your loot pool.

These Blueprints can be used to craft all sorts of things in Anthem.  You can find/earn weapon blueprints, component blueprints, gear blueprints, and more.

Where to Get Rare, Epic, and Masterwork Blueprints

The best blueprints are going to be tucked away for the tougher challenges and more time consuming events in Anthem.  To get rare, epic, and masterwork blueprints you’re going to need to put some time into the game by completing things like Faction Loyalty Challenges and unlock the Champion of Tarsis challenges, completing Stronghold Events, or just getting lucky in other activities.  If higher level Blueprints are your goal, leveling up your Faction Loyalty with the Sentinel, Freelancer, and Arcanist factions will start unlocking more powerful items pretty quickly.

How to use Blueprints

Once you’ve got Blueprints you’re going to need to actually craft the items to be able to use them.  This will always require that you have the necessary crafting ingredients.  Head to the Forge and open the character part that you would like to craft. It will show you what items you need to craft it and then you can craft the item as many times as you want.  Most items will require multiple ingredients in some combination of Chemeric Components, Parts, and Embers to complete the blueprint.

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