Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event: Start and End Date, Skins, New LTM, and More

Happy Lunar New Year!

by Noah Nelson

It is the time of the Lunar New Year which means Apex Legends gets a new event called Celestial Sunrise to celebrate it. When you aren’t struggling with the “UI Images Ran Out of Room” error, you can hop into this new event, enjoy the new LTM, and snag a few skins. Though it doesn’t hold a new Heirloom like we got with Seer at the last event, here is everything you need to know about Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise.

Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Start and End Date

The start date for Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise is January 24, 2023. The event will have many opportunities to earn cool skins and cosmetics and will end on February 7, 2023.

This means you have two weeks to enjoy Celestial Sunrise. Be sure to get all of the skins you want, make progress on the reward tracker, and play your heart out in the new Hardcore Royale LTM.

Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Skins and Cosmetics

As always, there are 24 limited-time cosmetics to collect during the Celestial Sunrise event. These cosmetics will range from Legendary skins, weapon wraps, banners, trackers, and more.

For the legend skins, the Legendary Celestial Sunrise skins will go to Octane, Pathfinder, Caustic, and Ash. Newcastle and Wattson will also have limited-time Celestial Sunrise skins.

Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Hardcore Royale LTM

Lastly, the Celestial Sunrise event brings a new LTM called Hardcore Royale. This game mode plays a lot like Trios but there are a few tweaks to make it more interesting.

In Hardcore Royale, you’ll have a limited HUD, white armor only, no helmets, no armor swapping at deathboxes, and the ring starts at max damage. It is called hardcore for a reason!

And that is everything happening in the Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise event. As always, the store tab will feature different options including a guaranteed way to buy the Celestial Sunrise Ash and Caustic skins for Apex Coins.

Apex Legends is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2023

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