How to Fix “UI Images Ran Out of Room” Error in Apex Legends

Begone bugs and errors!

by Noah Nelson

Apex Legends players are getting a “UI Images Ran Out of Room” prompt when they try to launch the game on PC. Though Apex Legends isn’t alone when it comes to game errors and bugs (at least it isn’t the character deletion bug found in Destiny 2), they are, as always, very annoying and very hard to fix. That’s why you have us. Here is how to fix the “UI Images Ran Out of Room” error in Apex Legends.

How to Fix “UI Images Ran Out of Room” Error in Apex Legends

If you want to hop into Apex Legends and experience the new matchmaking system that has gotten rid of SBMM and instead found an error pop-up saying “UI Images Ran Out of Room,” then you’ll definitely need some assistance before continuing. This particular error is known infamous for crashing your game and it isn’t known exactly why it occurs.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a surefire fix to this error but there are many things you can do to attempt to not get it again. First, you can try restarting your PC. Doing this will get rid of any running issues your PC may be having.

Second, you can try updating your drivers. If any of your drivers need updating, then problems may occur. Third, you could try clearing your cache on your PC. Doing this can help your PC process things better as well as clear up room which could be the problem this error runs into.

After doing these things, you may find your chances of encountering the “UI Images Ran Out of Room” error to be reduced. You can hop back into Apex Legends and start playing, but the best thing you can do is hope for the best since this error is quite unpredictable. Hopefully, like the legends with surprise nerfs that aren’t in the patch notes, Respawn will fix it up.

Apex Legends is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 17th, 2023

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