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Apex Legends How to Emote During Skydive

Emotes have to be unlocked for each character.


With the release of Season 2 in Apex Legends emotes have been added to the game, but not quite like other games do them.  In Apex Legends emotes can only be used during the skydive sequence at the beginning of the game.  You also have to unlock emotes on a per character basis through leveling up the Apex Legends Battle Pass.

Each character has a unique emote and they must be unlocked separately

Once you earn an emote for any character it will automatically be added to them and you will be granted the ability to use it while skydiving.  Once you have the emote you can simply follow the prompt at the bottom of the screen for your platform of choice.  You will not see this prompt unless your character has the emote ability unlocked.

Once you have it unlocked it’s automatically equipped and you will see a prompt during the skydive

The first emote that you can earn in the Apex Legends Battle Pass is the emote for Bangalore who does a flip in the air while saluting.  As you can see in the video below, I simply press the A button to do the emote multiple times before landing.

To unlock more emotes, you must progress through the Apex Legends Battle Pass.  Emotes are unlocked at levels 10 (Bangalore), 20 (Bloodhound), 30 (Caustic), 40 (Gibraltar),  45 (Lifeline), 60 (Mirage), 70 (Octane), 80 (Pathfinder), 95 (Wattson), and 95 (Wraith).

- This article was updated on:July 2nd, 2019

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