Apex Legends: How to Heal and Restore Shields

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Apex Legends is all about survival. Yes, you need to kill the other teams in the game, but if you and your squadmates can’t stay alive, then you can’t really do that. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to patch yourself up and get back into the fight. Here’s how to heal and restore shields in Apex Legends.

First off, it’s important to note that every way you can heal or restore your shields in Apex Legends requires you to have already grabbed the necessary items. Health packs, shield batteries, and all the rest are littered about the map in the same places where you’ll find guns and weapons. Check out that guide, if you find yourself hurt, but the tips below don’t work.

Once you have the necessary healing items, everything related to restoring health or shields is assigned to the same button. On PC you just have to hit 4, and on PS4 and Xbox One you can press up on the d-pad. These buttons are locked to whatever your chosen healing item is, so press it whenever you’re in a tough spot, but not in direct danger.

I say to wait until there’s no immediate danger because healing and restoring your shields takes time. A solid few seconds will pass between hitting the button and the actual effect taking place. Make sure you’re in cover, surrounded by your squadmates, and able to take some time to heal up before hitting it. Once you do, don’t press any other buttons. Pulling the trigger will put your healing item away, resetting the countdown. You can move, but try not to do anything else.

Also, if anyone in your squad chose Lifeline as their character, they can heal you with their normal ability. Have them hit Q on PC, LB on Xbox One, or L1 on PS4 and they’ll drop a drone who will heal you up.

And that’s how to heal and restore shields in Apex Legends. Easy enough, but make sure you’re always keeping it in mind. You don’t want to be low on health and without the items you need to patch up all of your damage.

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