Apex Legends: How to Melee

Here's how to punch enemies in the face

by Kyle Hanson

Apex Legends throws a lot of gameplay elements at you right out of the gate. You’ve gotta figure out your character, find weapons strewn about the map, and still survive and win. A key piece of this puzzle is the ability to melee, which will deal a ton of damage to any opponent unlucky enough to be in your way. But the training tutorial doesn’t really mention this mechanic. To help out, here’s how to melee in Apex Legends.

The answer is, of course, found in the keybindings menu for your particular platform of choice. On PC, melee is controlled with the V key. One PS4 and Xbox One you just need to click in the right thumbstick. Doing this will have your character punch in front of them, dealing a deadly blow if there’s an enemy there. Make sure you get used to pulling this off quickly, because that’s probably how you’ll need to do it to survive and win.

Melee is a key element of the Apex Legends experience, no matter which character you end up picking. Hopefully we’ve helped show you how to melee in Apex Legends, and you can secure a few more wins on the battlefield.