Apex Legends: Where to Drop

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As you fly over the lush landscape of Apex Legends’ massive map, you may be tasked with deciding where your group will land to begin their quest to the top. Your starting location can be the key to victory, or it can lead to a swift defeat, depending on a ton of different factors. Knowing where to drop in Apex Legends is huge, so here’s some suggestions based on our time with the game.

Where to Drop in Apex Legends

Of course, you can really drop into the map anywhere you want. It all depends on your team’s decisions, including which characters they’re playing as, which guns they want to find, and so on. The dropship also moves in at a random angle, so that can change your plans a lot. Just factor all of this in whenever you’re deciding where to drop in Apex Legends, but even with this, there are some better choices.

Two spots that have become highly desired drop points are the northeast and southwest corners of the map. Relay and Thunderdome offer some nice loot, are far away from the center of the map, and are often ignored by less experienced players. If you just want a semi-safe place to land, find weapons, and get ready for the real fight, these can’t hurt. Of course, you should always watch where other players have decided to drop in. If you land next to a bunch of other squads, your game will either be really short, or you’ll be prepped for victory.


Every game also starts with a Supply Ship that you’ll want to keep an eye on. High level loot is situated on the ship, making it a prime target for hungry players. This can be to your benefit, if you get in, grab some good stuff, and get out. If other players arrive first though, they’ll take you out before you even get close. This is also true of the designated Hot Zone, which is marked in blue on the in-game map. Decide as a team if you want to take the chance at one of these spots early on. It could mean a quick death and a new game, or lay the path to a win.

Other than these locations, most of Apex Legends’ map offers the same amount of risk and reward. Depending on the incoming path of the dropship, players will have to make a spur-of-the-moment choice whether they go one way or the other. For loot and good weapons, watch for large structures and buildings, such as the ones found in the Cascades or Bridges in the center of the map.

That’s our tips for where to drop in Apex Legends. Let us know in the comments if you’ve found any prime choices we didn’t mention.

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