Art of Rally “Barely Keeping it Together” Achievement Guide

This achievement will earn you 35 Gamerscore

by Gavin Burtt
art of rally

Art of Rally is the latest Xbox Game Pass addition, and we’ve got a guide for one of its many achievements, “Barely Keeping it Together”. This achievement requires you to complete a stage with a “near totaled car”, meaning you’ve got to severely beat up your car before finishing the race. This can be a bit tricky, as you can fail to beat it up enough to be considered “near totaled”, or you can beat it up too much and lose. You will need to find a happy medium between the two, and this guide will help you do that. You’ll also unlock the “Samir” achievement along the way, if  you haven’t already.

How to Unlock “Barely Keeping it Together” in Art of Rally


For this achievement, you’re going to want to set up a custom rally. Load one up in Finland, and select Noormarkku as the course, with damage set to severe. Noormarkku is the shortest course available, and setting the damage to severe will allow you to get this done much, much quicker. Select a Class S car, as they tend to be the most fragile.

As soon as the race starts, just start driving around and crashing into whatever you can find. Back up and ram into the same wall over and over again if you so please, until you burst into flames. Now, being on fire is not enough to satisfy the requirement of being “near totaled”, so carefully continue to crash until you see black smoke emitting from the fire. Black smoke is the signifier that your car is nearly totaled.

With your horribly beaten up car, slowly and safely drive to the end of the stage and cross the finish line. Be careful not to crash and completely total your car. Upon crossing the line, you should unlock Art of Rally’s “Barely Keeping it Together” achievement, as well as “Samir”, for completing a race with a flaming care. Together, these will get you an easy 60 Gamerscore.

Art of Rally is available today for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.