Art of Rally “Bicycle Race” Achievement Guide

This achievement will earn you 25 Gamerscore

by Gavin Burtt
Art of Rally Cheese Method

The “Bicycle Race” achievement in Art of Rally is a deceptively easy one to unlock, and we’ve got a guide that will show you the easiest way how. Worth 25 Gamerscore, this achievement requires you to drive up on two wheels, and hold it for three seconds. This would likely be an incredibly tricky achievement to unlock in this new Game Pass release, if not for a very sneaky cheese method that works like a charm. Here’s how to do it.

How to Unlock “Bicycle Race” in Art of Rally


To unlock this achievement easily, you’re going to need to set up a custom rally. Do so, and select Norway as your location, and Kvannkjosen as your stage. Don’t worry about setting a particular difficulty or damage amount, as neither of those matter here, but do make sure to choose a specific car: the Das Whip.

In this stage, there will be a very shallow, upward light blue ramp, followed by a tiny gap, then a descending light blue ramp. This tiny jump is so small, that you can actually rest the bumper of your car on the far ramp, letting your front wheels dangle down in the gap, like so:

Slowly drive up the ramp, allowing your front wheels to dip into the gap, as in the picture above. Now, this obviously wasn’t the intended way to unlock the achievement, but it technically fits the description. You’ve got two grounded wheels and two airborne wheels, so you just need to hold it for three seconds. The game will automatically reset your car when it gets stuck like this, but luckily, it takes longer than three seconds before it does that.

By the time you are reset, you should unlock yourself the “Bicycle Race” achievement, worth 25 of Art of Rally’s 1000 Gamerscore, some of the easiest you’ll get on Game Pass.

Art of Rally is available today for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.