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Astral Chain: How To Run

Rush through the game if you want.

by Dean James


Astral Chain is all about the fast moving action and smooth combat style, which will make you want to keep up that speed all the time. Your default walking motion is the game is a light jog, but you may still want to go a little faster. For this you have a run option available in the form of a dash in Astral Chain.

Movement in Astral Chain is controlled by the left analog stick as you would assume, taking you anywhere you want to go in the game. To speed up your player character though, you can simply press and hold down on the left analog stick to start running in the direction you have it held, which the game specifically refers to as Dashing. This does not mean to move the analog stick in the down direction, but rather to actually press the button, similar to what is considered L3 on PS4.

Dashing can be a very useful technique, as it not only works as a way to traverse through the map quicker, but also move around quicker in battle as well. Learning how to effectively use the Dash technique can make a big impact on your success in Astral Chain, especially if you’re playing on the harder difficulties.

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