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Astral Chain: How To Save

Two methods of saving.

by Dean James


Astral Chain is the latest fast paced action game from everybody’s favorite PlatinumGames. Their games are typically known for their level of difficulty at times, so you are certainly going to want to keep an up to date save file throughout the game. Astral Chain offers two different ways to save and this guide will detail both of them.

The first and the most common form of saving you’ll experience in Astral Chain is the auto-save that occurs throughout the game. This is something that most every modern game has started to utilize in more recent years, so it’s not a surprise to see it also be the case here.

At first it seems like this is the only method of saving in the game, which some people would probably have issues with. However, there is one method of doing manual saves in the game as well.

By visiting Neuron HQ, you have a lot of information right at your fingertips courtesy of the computer. At this computer, you can also scroll down to the bottom option that says Save. This is exactly as it sounds, as you can manually save your progress right here on the computer.

Having auto-saves in the game are definitely a big help, almost making the use for manual saves pretty useless in the long run. However, the manual save option is there for those that want to do so from Neuron HQ.

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