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Avengers Starktech Outfits – Where to Find Prime Synthoids

Everything you need can be found in just one mission.

by Diego Perez


Can’t find the materials to build the Starktech outfits in Marvel’s Avengers? Just before taking on the final mission of the Avengers campaign, you’ll need to build Starktech outfits for the team to help them take on MODOK in the final encounter. This isn’t done in any particular mission. Instead, you’re required to harvest parts from various enemy types wherever they’re found. The game doesn’t tell you where to find Prime Synthoids, Riotbots, or Synthoids, but this guide will show you the locations of everything you need. Here is out to complete the Starktech Outfits quest in Marvel’s Avengers.

How to Complete Starktech Outfits in Marvel’s Avengers

Although this mission asks you to find three different enemy types, they can all be found within one mission. You can find Prime Synthoids, Riotbots, and Synthoids in the “Our Town” mission located in the Utah Badlands. You will be able to get everything you need with one run through this mission.


Prime Synthoids are located throughout the “Our Town” mission, but they can be rare. These enemies are tall humanoid robots with staffs that can shoot elemental projectiles. You can encounter them in various elemental forms, including Cryo and Fire. They will drop the Energy Amplifiers you need.

Riotbots are common enemies. They’re humanoid robots that are equipped with blue energy shields. You’ll likely run into them without much effort in the “Our Town” mission, and they’ll drop the Optic Decoders you need.

Synthoids are one of the most common enemy types in the game.  They are yellow humanoid robots that run straight at you. They can be found toward the end of the “Our Town” mission, and they tend to appear more frequently inside AIM facilities. They’ll drop the Memory Chips you need.


After collecting all of the required materials, you can move onto the next step of the Reassemble campaign and come one step closer to finishing the Marvel’s Avengers campaign.

- This article was updated on:September 3rd, 2020

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