Battlefield 2042 Audio: Best Settings to Hear Footsteps and Sounds

Time to get those audio settings ready...

by Gordon Bicker


Battlefield 2042 is the latest instalment in the Battlefield franchise and players have been eagerly diving into the experience throughout the beta. It is now preparing for its official launch and players will be wanting to learn everything about how to get ahead of the pack when the game officially launches. However, many players who have jumped in already have been wanting to be able to have the best audio settings in Battlefield 2042 to hear the sound of footsteps and get an edge on the enemy team. This guide article will take you through some of the best Battlefield 2042 audio settings however since audio is subjective to every person there may be other settings that you want to utilise instead of the ones noted.

Why Should I Change the Audio Settings in the Experience?

The audio settings would be likely beneficial to change as most games have a host of options on offer to suit personal preferences and the audio equipment that you will be using while you are playing through the game and listening to the drastic sounds of hellfire bullets as they scythe the air in two in modes such as ‘Hazard Zone’. Every sound matters and every sound will immerse you in the game even further, changing the settings to what works the best will maximise the user experience and even give you a gameplay advantage because you will be able to hear what other players might not be able to.

There are a diverse number of options that can be changed and intertwined together to create the best audio experience possible.

The Best Battlefield 2042 Audio Settings

Firstly, the audio settings you will most likely be wanting to change are located within the in-game settings themselves. The ‘Audio Mix’ setting is the place you will want to start with. There are a list of options, these are as follows with the definitions:

  • Speakers — Default setting for speakers.
  • Night Mode — A more narrow dynamic range, suitable for listening at lower volume.
  • Headphones — Default setting for headphones.
  • 3D Headphones — A binaural mix for any stereo headphones, to better perceive the positions of sounds behind, below, and above you.
  • War Tapes — The classic Battlefield setting, with emphasis on chaos.
  • Pro-G 50MM — Custom mix for Logitech Pro-G 50MM.
  • Astro EQ — Custom mix for Logitech Astro EQ.

From the above options, it would be recommended that anyone with the headphones that have custom mixes, e.g, the Astro EQ should choose that particular audio mix, same with the Logitech Pro-G 50MM custom mix. However, for other players who are also looking to level up quickly and make their mark on the battlefield in glorious sound, using the ‘War Tapes’ setting or the ‘3D Headphones’ setting if you have a higher range headphone would be beneficial.

There are also general audio settings that can be changed, turning the ‘music volume’ down a little and the ‘sound effects’ and ‘master volume’ up a bit will ensure that you hear every footstep anywhere near you. These settings can be altered and changed along with the others in the list to ensure that the sound effects are gaining prominence if you are looking to hear footsteps in the game in clear clarity for a tactical advantage in sessions.

Will you be using these audio settings in Battlefield 2042 this month?

Battlefield 2042 is set to release on the 19th of November for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Steam, and PC.

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