Battlefield 2042: How to Use Wingsuit

Use the Wingsuit to catch enemies undetected.

by Shubhendu Vatsa
Battlefield 2042 Wingsuit

Battlefield 2042 is finally here, the traditional classes have been replaced by Specialists. The game has plenty of unique characters with cool abilities, but Sundance is one of Battlefield 2042’s best Specialists. While all the others have to use parachutes, Sundance’s kit is equipped with a special wingsuit along with multipurpose explosives. This specialist is a tough one to work with but having the wingsuit gives them a massive advantage on the game’s roster. Excited? So are we, to tell you How to Use Wingsuit in Battlefield 2042.

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How to Use Wingsuit in Battlefield 2042

To activate the wingsuit Battlefield 2042, you have to look for a ledge that is situated high enough and jump from it. At that very moment, you will get a clear button prompt at the bottom of your screen to deploy the wingsuit.

Once you start flying, make use of standard flight controls to navigate yourself. If you want to hover and observe a certain spot from afar, move the stick up. Move it down to gain more velocity. You can change the direction of your flight by simply moving the stick left or right. Once you decide on a suitable landing spot, reach closer to the ground and hit enter, the red circle on any other controller-specific counterpart to make a successful landing and close the wingsuit.

Using the wingsuit has a number of benefits. You can latch on to other flying objects like helicopters to fly further and higher. You can catch enemies off-guard leaving them way too shocked to be able to counter or defend by landing directly on their flank. You will have a broader view of the entire battlefield and you can use the ping system to highlight potential danger for the rest of the squad. Once you enter a venue undetected, you can clear out the entire enemy cluster using grenades without them even realizing it. And, it is fun to use storms and tornadoes in your stride to fly on more random altitudes.

In case you are feeling too confident, just touch down on the ground. However, keep in mind that hitting the ground too hard can injure or even kill you. Besides, a loud thud on the ground can alarm the enemies. Now that you know all about how to use Wingsuit in Battlefield 2042, may your Sundance have a victory dance soon!

Battlefield 2042 is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam, and PC.