Bayonetta 3: Where to Find All Umbran Tears of Blood Animals in Chapter 1

Every witch needs their familiar.

by Kara Phillips

Outside of collecting Archives and Discs in Bayonetta 3, each Chapter is home to a selection of animals you will need to catch to unlock the Tears of Blood. Gathering all three in each Chapter will unlock an alternate challenge for the Chapter, Phenomenal Remnant. It’s symbolized on the map as a red circle instead of the standard blue, so you’ll be able to tell it apart. However, you will need to track down the three animals first, so read on to find out where you can find them in Tokyo: Shibuya.

Where to Locate All Tears of Blood Animals for Chapter 1 in Bayonetta 3

Throughout each Chapter, the three Umbran Tears of Blood animals will take the form of a cat, a crow, and a toad. While some are easier to spot immediately, the best way to see if you are near one is to listen out for the animal sounds. These are the best signifier that you are on the right track to finding one of the animals, alongside locating the glowing red gemstone usually around their necks or toward the animal’s chest. To receive the collectible, you will need to walk close to the animal and trigger a cutscene, so there is no need to attack.

The Cat

The Black Cat is the first animal you will need to locate, and it is straightforward to come across. As you enter Shibuya, a pile of rubble and trash can be found toward the right, but as you approach, you will notice a red glowing orb. As you get closer, you’ll see the outline of the cat and hear a lot of meowing, but it will dash as soon as you get too close. To catch it, follow its pattern and intercept it when possible. The easiest way to do this is by pressing ZR twice and using Bayonetta’s ability to block the path. Once you’ve gotten close enough, a cutscene will trigger Bayonetta interacting with the cat, and it will be ticked off.

The Toad

To find the toad, you will need to travel through the shopping center where you will play through Verse 9 and come out the exit toward Ronin’s Gates of Hell bar. You will need to jump across several derelict platforms to get to Ronin, but as soon as you walk through the exit, you can hear the Toad croaking. By the exit, he’s sat above the sign next to the door. So your best bet is to jump between both platforms to get ahold of him. Rotating the camera within this area to see him feels impossible since it’s such a narrow path, but you will hear it before you catch it.

The Crow

The crow is the final animal you will need to locate within Chapter One, and much like the cat, it is straightforward to spot once you are in the area. As you enter the tunnels under Shibuya, which you will need to do to continue the story, you will see the Crow sitting atop the railings opposite the door you walk through. As you approach it, it’ll fly to the other side of the room and then around the bars, so stay where you are and jump up when it is near, and you will be able to grab it pretty easily and collect the final Tear of Blood.

Bayonetta 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on October 28th, 2022

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