Bayonetta 3: How to Summon Different Infernal Demons

Summon your friends from the other side!

by Kara Phillips

Infernal Demons play a massive part in Bayonetta 3, and you will have access to summoning them from the moment you engage in combat. However, with the variety in skills and abilities, you will need to learn how to summon different Demons quickly. While Gomorrah may be suitable for hard hits, the movement speed is relatively slow, so it’s best not to rely on just one Demon during your time with the title. You’ll learn how to summon different Infernal Demons reasonably early on, so it’s easy to forget as you dive further into the story. So read on to discover how you can summon various demons to assist you in battle.

How You Can Summon Different Infernal Demons in Bayonetta 3

From the beginning of the game, you will have access to Madama Butterfly and Gomorrah. Two infernal demons are pretty easy to manage, but you will unlock access to more as you progress. During combat, you can switch between Infernal Demons with the arrow buttons. Additionally, a wheel can be seen in the bottom left corner, with a small icon for which Demon is allocated to which key. You’ll need to select which Demon you would like to use before summoning, and they will be highlighted on the circle. Additionally, this wheel will become visible when Bayonetta steps foot in a Moon Circle, providing a little extra time to become familiar with their attacks.

Infernal Demons can be summoned with ZL and can help pack a punch during instances of brutal combat, so you should get comfortable with their different attacks and abilities as soon as you can. While Bayonetta has an Infernal Demon conjured, she won’t be able to move, so she is vulnerable to attack from enemies. You will need to work fast with the summoned Demon to cause damage, but they will quickly reduce Bayonetta‘s magic meter. If you want to return your Demon before your magic meter fully depletes, press ZR.

Bayonetta 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on October 28th, 2022

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